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Steve Bannon | Real Time with Bill Maher

Malaysian PM at U.N.: Israel Creation ‘Root Cause’ of Islamic Terror

Islamonazi of the day

Jihad Roadshow: Banned Islamist group is using children as young as 13 to peddle books supporting suicide bombing and jihad in Britain

An extreme Islamist group banned in more than a dozen countries is using British children as young as 13 to peddle books supporting suicide bombing and jihad.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, which wants to establish an Islamic state with Sharia law, has been holding a series of ‘roadshows’ across the country.

An undercover reporter who attended a number of the meetings was sold books suggesting suicide strikes are acceptable, and others saying jihad was ‘compulsory’ to spread the message of Islam.

The group allowed a 13-year-old to sell pamphlets comparing Westerners to animals over their ‘filthy promiscuity’ and urging followers to shun British culture.

Lebanon detains Palestinian suspected of mass poisoning plots

Lebanon’s security forces said Thursday they had detained a descendant of Palestinian refugees allegedly linked to the Islamic State terror group over two poisoning plots, one of Lebanese army water and another of food in a foreign country.

Why is Canada letting Isis fighters off lightly?

What is the difference between the SS and Isis? A big one, it seems, in the eyes of Canada, where this week a federal court refused to review a decision to strip the Canadian citizenship of Helmut Oberlander, a Ukrainian immigrant with alleged ties to a Nazi killing squad in World War II.

According to the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC), Oberlander served as an interpreter in the Einsatzkommando, mobile death squads that swept through Eastern Europe in the early years of the war, liquidating men, women and children, mostly Jews, but also homosexuals, gypsies and communists. It is estimated that the squad Oberlander allegedly belonged to, Einsatzkommando 10a, killed 23,000 civilians during the war.

Oberlander arrived in Canada in 1954 and six years later became a citizen, having made no mention of his wartime service. When it eventually came to light, he claimed that he served only as a translator in the unit and never participated in any killings.

Oberlander has been stripped of his citizenship four times in a quarter of a century for having lied about his past, but he has successfully appealed each ruling. The federal court’s latest decision, in which they upheld the government’s conclusion that Oberlander ‘voluntarily made a knowing and significant contribution to the crimes and criminal purpose of this SS killing squad’ opens the way for his deportation. However, the 94-year-old is expected to appeal again.

Reacting to Thursday’s verdict, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein said:

‘Canada should never be a safe haven for war criminals and people who’ve committed crimes against humanity, and we’re very pleased with the (court) decision.’

Commendable words, so why then are several former members of Isis living quietly in Canada? The similarities between the Islamic State and the Nazis are striking: both are guilty of genocide (against the Yazidi in the case of the former) with a reputation for rape, slavery and the most barbarous methods of execution. There is no difference between the sadism of the Einsatzkommando and that of the Islamic State, both full of depraved young men convinced they belonged to the master race with Jews as their preferred prey.

Yet when it comes to Isis, Canada takes a softly-softly approach. Last year, a ‘disillusioned’ Canadian citizen, who returned to Toronto after spending six months serving in the Islamic State’s morality police, was interviewed by the media. He explained that ‘All that’s behind me. We all do things that we regret.’ Another Toronto man admitted in an interview to the New York Times that he had been an Isis executioner. ‘They brought in these men wearing blue jumpsuits…they were blindfolded, handcuffed, came in as a line and sat in front of us,’ said Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, a pseudonym. ‘One shot. Clean to the head. Just finish them off.’

Last December, Canada’s Globe and Mail ran an editorial headlined: ‘Don’t exaggerate the threat from returning Islamic State fighters,’ a curious statement given that returning Islamic State fighters slaughtered 90 people in the Paris Bataclan in 2015. The Globe went on to say that a ‘thoughtful, composed discussion’ was required about how best to deal with the sixty jihadists who had returned to Canada. The paper believed a gentle touch was needed because ‘many of the people who joined Isis in Syria and Iraq are now deeply disillusioned and, in some cases, scarred by their experience.’

Yet in 2013, the Globe and Mail ran an opinion piece that was far more strident. ‘It’s never too late to prosecute war criminals’ was the headline and underneath the paper outlined why the West should continue to pursue the elderly men who served the Nazis in some capacity. ‘The hunting down of war criminals sends a universal message that such unspeakable crimes will not be tolerated by a civil society,’ it thundered. ‘It tells potential perpetrators that there is no place to hide; that they will be hunted for the rest of their lives.’

The contradiction of the Globe and Mail is mirrored by Justin Trudeau’s government. According to a report this year by Global News, a briefing note prepared for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, stated that ‘even if a Canadian engaged in terrorist activity abroad, the government must facilitate their return to Canada.’

Liberal apologists, and there are many in Canada, are always ready to jump to the defence of former jihadists, like Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, the self-confessed Isis executioner. According to the government-friendly CBC, he could have simply been making it all up. While others argue that some Isis returnees never actually made it to the caliphate, or if they did, didn’t take part in any killing. Those excuses didn’t work for Oberlander, and nor should they work for Isis returnees.


1,566 Pounds of Heroin Found in Iranian Trucks Entering EU from Turkey

The two drivers are both Iranian citizens

The Organic Food Industry Gets Fat on Lies

In “The Wealth of Nations,” the 18th century economist and philosopher Adam Smith observed about the chicanery of some businessmen, “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Nowhere is that truer than in today’s organic agriculture and food industries.


The woman who charges she was gang-raped at a party where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was present, Julie Swetnick, had a lawsuit filed against her by a former employer that alleged she engaged in “unwelcome, sexually offensive conduct” towards two male co-workers, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

WebTrends, a web analytics company headquartered in Portland, filed the defamation and fraud lawsuit against Swetnick in Oregon in November 2000 and also alleged that she lied about graduating from Johns Hopkins University.

Swetnick alleged Wednesday that she was gang raped at a party where Kavanaugh was present in the early 1980s. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegation. (RELATED: Kavanaugh Breaks Silence On Avenatti Represented Accuser)

Swetnick is represented by Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims she had an affair with President Donald Trump.

WebTrends voluntarily dismissed its suit after one month. Avenatti told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the case was ended because it was “completely bogus.”

Swetnick’s alleged conduct took place in June 2000, just three weeks after she started working at WebTrends, the complaint shows. WebTrends conducted an investigation that found both male employees gave similar accounts of Swetnick engaging in “unwelcome sexual innuendo and inappropriate conduct” toward them during a business lunch in front of customers, the complaint said.

Swetnick denied the allegations and, WebTrends alleged, “in a transparent effort to divert attention from her own inappropriate behavior … [made] false and retaliatory allegations” of sexual harassment against two other male co-workers.

“Based on its investigations, WebTrends determined that Swetnick had engaged in inappropriate conduct, but that no corroborating evidence existed to support Swetnick’s allegations against her coworkers,” the complaint said.

After a WebTrends human resources director informed Swetnick that the company was unable to corroborate the sexual harassment allegations she had made, she “remarkably” walked back the allegations, according to the complaint.

In July, one month after the alleged incident, Swetnick took a leave of absence from the company for sinus issues, according to the complaint. WebTrends said it made short-term disability payments to her until mid-August that year. One week after the payments stopped, WebTrends received a note from Swetnick’s doctor claiming she needed a leave of absence for a “nervous breakdown.”

The company said it continued to provide health insurance coverage for Swetnick, despite her refusal provide any additional information about her alleged medical condition.

In November, the company’s human resources director received a notice from the Washington, D.C. Department of Unemployment that Swetnick had applied for unemployment benefits after claiming she left WebTrends voluntarily in late September.

“In short, Swetnick continued to claim the benefits of a full-time employee of WebTrends, sought disability payments from WebTrends’ insurance carrier and falsely claimed unemployment insurance payments from the District of Columbia,” the complaint states.

Swetnick allegedly hung up the phone on WebTrends managers calling to discuss why she applied for unemployment benefits, according to the complaint. She then sent letters to WebTrends’ upper management, detailing new allegations that two male co-workers sexually harassed her and said that the company’s human resources director had “illegally tired [sic] for months to get privileged medical information” from her, her doctor and her insurance company.

WebTrends also alleged that Swetnick began her fraud against the company before she was hired by stating on her job application that she graduated from John Hopkins University. But according to the complaint, the school had no record of her attendance.


Pompeo accuses Iran of firing at U.S. embassy in Iraq

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the closure of a diplomatic mission in Iraq, following rocket launches that he blamed on Iran.

“I have advised the Government of Iran that the United States will hold Iran directly responsible for any harm to Americans or to our diplomatic facilities in Iraq or elsewhere and whether perpetrated by Iranian forces directly or by associated proxy militias,” Pompeo said Friday afternoon.

Trudope begs the Mexicans for help

President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked him during a Thursday phone call “to intervene and call on the U.S. government to reach an agreement” with Canada on the renegotiation of NAFTA.

“We agreed to that,” Lopez Obrador told reporters in Mexico City. Mexico’s president-elect also said he would insist on a trilateral pact.

According to a read out of the call from the Prime Minister’s Office the two men “agreed to work closely together to further strengthen the dynamic partnership between Canada and Mexico” and “discussed NAFTA and the mutually beneficial economic and trading relationship between our two countries.”

But Lopez Obrador, who takes office on Dec. 1, said the NAFTA language between Washington and Mexico City was now final.

“We are not going to re-open the negotiation. That you can be sure of,” Lopez Obrador told reporters in Mexico City.



Jane Philpott

Canada’s Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott backed that decision Thursday in the House of Commons during the daily Question Period.

Philpott said healing lodges are “proven to provide restorative justice” for their Indigenous population. But it is unclear why McClintic was selected to stay at the facility that is meant only for First Nations use when the convicted murderer is apparently not aboriginal.

U of T’s porn prof given hard time over sexxx-rated lecture

maxresdefaultA University of Toronto prof apparently wanted to get to the meat of the matter.

About 500 students were apparently shocked as a respected psychology professor’s lecture went below the belt when hardcore porn started playing on the screen behind him.

The porn prof’s predilections were unveiled at the U of T’s Scarborough campus in the class called PSYA01: Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology.

Video footage shows the students laughing as the projector shows Amateur Coed Frolics, Coed Car Wash or Exchange Student 5 or some other bit of sexxx-rated cinematic bliss.

But one said it was no mistake, but part of a very clever teaching strategy.

Students soon hit social media.

One posted on Snapchat: “first psychology class… wtf… prof was watching porn before this.”

Some posters ID’d the porn prof as award-winning scientist Dr. Steve Joordens.

A spokesman at UTSC told The Varsity student paper the university is aware of the incident and are looking into it, but can’t divulge personnel issues.

“We encourage students who may be feeling unsettled by the incident to speak with their registrar or staff at the health and wellness centre,” said Don Campbell to the paper.

At least one student posted on Reddit that the hardcore hiccup was, in fact, intentional.


St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church is, in its own words, an “affirming church” with “diverse” members and a “progressive” faith. The Vancouver church is also very focused on bringing refugees to Canada.

Despite being in Canada, when Trump won the election, Pastor Dan Chambers compared it to 9/11. In another post, quoting Yoda, he claimed that Americans are “fueled” by “fear of Muslims”.

But it isn’t Americans, or Caucasians, the targets of Chambers’ rant who are protesting these days. It’s the Asian immigrants protesting the murder of one of the daughters of their community by one of Pastor Dan’s Syrian refugees.

“I Wept, I Rise,” Chambers posted after Trump’s victory. But he never had anything to weep about. Those who knew Marrisa Shen do. And they are rising.

The protests at the Vancouver Provincial Criminal Court at the first appearance of Ibrahim Ali, Marrisa’s alleged killer, had already turned ugly with a Muslim woman in a hijab throwing coffee at a protestor.

In 2015, St. Andrew’s-Wesley had helped raise the money to bring Ali and his family to Canada.

The 30K/ 30Day project on Bowen Island through St. Andrews- Wesley set out to raise $30,000 to bring Syrian refugee families to Vancouver. They succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. The money they raised paid for Ali’s brother and his family to come to Canada.

And an extra $15,000 was raised to bring Ibrahim Ali and another brother.

“It would mean they could have a family reunion along with family that is in Burnaby,” was the pitch.

At 1 in the morning, last summer, the body of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen was found in Burnaby’s Central Park. The last sight of her was on the security camera of a Tim Horton’s. After over a year of searching, as her photo in a sailor suit looked out from the TV news, posters and flyers, after hundreds of interviews and tips, the case broke wide open.

St. Andrews- Wesley’s gift to Canada was arrested for her murder. That extra $15,000 had paid for a little girl’s life.

Even the worst crimes have a short shelf life. It takes a committed community to see justice done. Marrisa’s murder would never have been solved if Chinese-Canadians hadn’t attended rallies and protests, and kept the pressure on, and as Ibrahim Ali came to court, they were still out there, chanting, “No Bail” and “Where’s Trudeau”, a reference to Canada’s unpopular pro-refugee prime minister.

Banners reading, “Comprehensive Security Screening Now” and “No More Victims, No Bail” were brandished outside the courthouse.

Protesters insisted that Ibrahim Ali hadn’t been properly vetted. Not that vetting does any good.



Welcome to Sanctuary Sweden!

Are you in a European country illegally, flouting your deportation order and committing arson? No problem. If the country to which you are to be returned might conceivably harm you, instead you are welcome to stay in Sweden, commit more crimes and harm Swedes.

A Swedish Court of Appeal recently overturned the deportation ruling against one of three convicted perpetrators of an arson attack against the synagogue of Gothenburg in December 2017, on the grounds that it would be in contravention of his “fundamental human rights”.

The 22-year old Arab man from Gaza, known as Feras, was in Sweden illegally when he committed the attack. His asylum request had been rejected by the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket); he had apparently been told to leave the country, but he did not. For reasons that are unclear, he was not held for deportation, but still walking around freely in Sweden.

Feras used that freedom to participate in an attack on the Gothenburg synagogue. Approximately 10-15 other young men, of whom only three were charged, joined him. It seems that while young Jews were gathered for a party in an adjacent building, Feras and his friends threw burning objects at cars parked inside the synagogue fence. No one was hurt and the fires were quickly extinguished by rain, leaving only marginal material damage. The court therefore refused to categorize the crime as attempted murder, as the prosecution had requested. Both the lower court and the Court of Appeal did find, however, that the arson attack constituted an anti-Semitic hate crime.

Previously, the lower court had convicted Feras of “grossly unlawful threats and attempted serious damage” and had sentenced him to two years in prison and subsequent deportation. The Court of Appeal nevertheless said that Feras “…committed grossly unlawful threats with the intention of violating members of the Jewish congregation, but that the act can also be perceived as a serious political crime directed against other Jews.”

“Given the possible interest of Israel in the matter and the insecure situation prevailing at the border crossings to Gaza and the West Bank and in the areas themselves, the Court of Appeals considers there is reasonable reason to fear that NN’s fundamental human rights would not be safeguarded if he were expelled to Palestine. The Court of Appeal therefore rejects the prosecutor’s request for deportation…”

The Kavanaugh Hearings Are About Reason Versus Emotion

There is only one fundamental dividing line in the reaction to the televised hearings about accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, and it’s not solely a partisan one. It’s the line between those who judged the hearing based on emotions and those who judged it based on reason.

Israeli Company Makes Digital Glasses That Give Sight to the Legally Blind

They kill, we create

The Quranic verse that Mahmoud Abbas quoted to Palestinian youth

For the bazillionth time: It’s not about land or refugees. It’s the sick cult of Islam.

Ford Polygraph Expert Says “Victims” Like Ford, You “Believe Them”, Don’t Ask Specific Questions

Works as a regular subcontractor for Democrat law firm representing Ford

Hard line questioning on, wait for it, a fart joke in a 16 year old boy’s yearbook

Communists Planning Armed Insurrection on Twitter

Communist agitators took to Twitter this week to brainstorm strategies for a violent armed insurrection against their perceived enemies.

“Dr. Bones,” the co-host of the far-left podcast The Guillotine, started the conversation going with his 5,000-plus Twitter followers. Bones (@Ole_Bonsey on Twitter) asked: “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a ‘insurgent’ focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more ‘militia’ structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

Bones went on to suggest that fellow travelers organize “hidden cells” and focus on ambushes and assassinations to bleed “right-leaning forces” dry. He said the during the day comrades should pretend to be into “helping everybody” and never talk about their “nighttime activities.”

Fareed: Threat to Democracy from the left

“You Fly A Lot On Planes Don’t You?”

Christine Blasey Ford Brought No Evidence but Plenty of Contradictions

According to Dr. Ford: She attended a house party miles from her home. She had one beer. There were four or five other people at the party, including her best friend, Leland Ingham Keyser. Brett (Kavanaugh) and Mark (Judge) were already drunk and belligerent. She went upstairs to use the bathroom. Suddenly she was attacked from behind and shoved into a bedroom. Brett and Mark turned the music up so no one would hear her scream as they attempted to rape her. She got away. Locked herself in a bathroom. She waited until it was safe; until she heard Brett and Mark “ping pong” off the walls down the stairs. After it was safe, she ran down the stairs and left the house. She cannot remember who drove her to the party or how she got home.

  • In a suburban home in Maryland there was no downstairs bathroom?
  • She didn’t hear two very drunk and belligerent boys try to sneak up on her?
  • Why was music already on in a room no one was using?
  • Wouldn’t blasting the music ensure someone came upstairs to see what was going on, especially whoever’s house it was? This is completely counterintuitive to criminal behavior.
  • After she locked herself in the bathroom, Brett and Mark didn’t try to get at her? Didn’t jiggle the doorknob? Didn’t try to claim they were kidding? All tuned up for a rape, they just gave up and went downstairs like nothing happened?
  • She left without telling her best friend?
  • She left without WARNING her friend there were two rapists in the house?
  • No one asked why she was leaving or found it strange enough to ask her the following day why she just vanished from the party?
  • She can remember how many beers she had (one) but not whose house she was in, how she got home, the date, the place, how many people were there (sometimes it’s 4, or 5 or 6), or anything solid?

Then we come to the most damaging elements, the facts and contradictions that actually do undermine Dr. Ford’s credibility:

  • From A to Z she has aligned herself with the far-left. Look at the politicians and newspaper (Washington Post) she approached, the highly partisan lawyers she hired, and the talking points she parrots to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation (afraid to fly, demanding an FBI investigation).
  • She lied about her fear of flying. There is no question about this. In order to stall the Committee, her attorneys claimed the 1982 event had so damaged Dr. Ford she cannot be in confined spaces, most especially an airplane; so the hearing would have to wait a week. But now we know she flies all the time. Without being sarcastic, you can call her a world traveler. She travels the world for pleasure. Travel is her passion.
  • There is no clean way to lay out exactly what happened, but there is no doubt Dr. Ford’s activist lawyers received the Committee’s offer to fly out to California to meet with Ford in private, and that Team Ford turned down this offer for mercenary reasons: to slow down the confirmation process (the number one goal of Democrats) and to avoid an in-depth interview of Dr. Ford by a skilled professional.
  • Every single witness — Every. Single. One. — named by Ford refutes her testimony. Every person she named as being at that house party either says they remember no such thing or that it did not happen. One of those witnesses is her lifelong friend, Leland Ingham Keyser, which bring me to something that must be said…
  • Again, I know I am not supposed to say this, but I thought Dr. Ford’s mask slipped more than a little when, during her Thursday testimony,  she dropped her lifelong friend in the grease and did so in front of the whole world. Ford basically called Keyser a liar who was too sickly and ill to bother to tell the truth.
  • This may be a small thing, but a college professor with a PhD doesn’t know what “exculpatory” means?
  • Dr. Ford’s polygraph is a joke. She was only asked two very broad questions about  a “statement”  —  Is any part of your statement false? Did you make up any part of your statement? — Because she will not supply video or audio of the polygraph session, how can we know what statement she was asked about? There were no specific questions about the actual event, Kavanaugh, or an attempted sexual assault. Polygraphs are sketchy enough, this one is a farce.
  • Ford refuses to give the Committee her therapist’s notes, even after she showed them (or part of them) to the Washington Post. When your credibility is on the line, you hold nothing back.


Germany: Plot to attack Israel with chemical weapons uncovered

A Syrian national recently arrested in Germany was part of an apparent plot to attack Israeli targets with chemical weapons, the German Bildnewspaper reported.

The Left’s Insane Hypocrisy On Kavanaugh Accusations

Canada Border Services Agency’s Determination Procedures for Obscenity and Hate Propaganda

“Hate Propaganda”, otherwise known as anything a lib disagrees with

University ‘Diversity Week’ hosts pro-Jordan Peterson session

University of Rhode Island!

There is nothing filthier than a lib

Gawd I hope Karma is a real thing

Banned Books Week: 10 Pop Fictions to Annoy the Politically Correct

My modest proposal for this year’s Banned Books Week is that we all spend a little time out in public reading books that are never likely to be included in your typical American high school’s curriculum. If you enjoy annoying the politically correct members of the illiberal Left (and what right-thinking American doesn’t?), these are the books you should carry with you on buses, trains, planes, and subways. These are the books you should read with great ostentation at sidewalk bistros, corner restaurants, and in doctors’ waiting rooms.

Boys More Likely To Be Victims Of Teen Dating Violence Than Girls, Study Shows

Who is more likely to be victimized by teen dating violence? If you’re quick to think it’s girls, new data shows you’re wrong. In a surprising twist, recently published research indicates boys are more likely to report being victims of dating violence committed by partners who hit, slap or push them.

Researchers with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) conducted a longitudinal study of dating violence. While reports of physical abuse went down over time, they say there is a troubling gender-related trend.

‘There is no expectation of proof’ for offenders seeking transfer to Aboriginal healing lodges

Offenders looking to get a transfer out of prison and into a healing lodge do not have to prove they are Aboriginal.

Instead, they can self-identify.

If the offender is a member of a First Nation, they provide their band number to the court or corrections official.

However, if they are not a band member, they do not have to prove any other affiliation in order to have their claim of being Aboriginal accepted.

“As with any other designated group member (persons who self-identify as being of a visible minority group or a person with a disability), there is no expectation of proof,” Guérette wrote in an email.

Another spokesperson, Esther Mailhot, said the option is also available to people who are not aboriginal so long as they “choose to follow Aboriginal programming and spirituality when they live at a healing lodge.”


Dispensing Harm

How a handful of pharmacists flooded Ontario’s streets with lethal fentanyl amid a national opioid crisis

Tori Stafford’s family to protest transfer of one of her killers to Indigenous healing lodge

The family of a murdered Ontario girl says one of her killers is living at an Indigenous healing lodge in Saskatchewan instead of the maximum-security prison where she had been serving a life sentence.

Terri-Lynne McClintic, who was convicted of first-degree murder in the kidnapping, rape and murder of Victoria (Tori) Stafford, 8, in 2009, is now being housed at the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge near Maple Creek. She had been serving her life sentence at the maximum security Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener.

Ford urged to sell Crown corporations like LCBO

The three Crown corporations that the province classifies as “government businesses enterprises” are the LCBO, Ontario Power Generation and Ontario Lottery and Gaming.  

Musical Interlude


The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank has long preferred snark over facts. As CAMERA has detailed, Milbank’s commentaries on Israel often omit essential context in favor of propagating conventional—and easily refutable—narratives. And his Sept. 21, 2018 column, “America’s Jews are watching Israel in horror,” offers ample proof.

NDP MP: Trudeau ‘Doesn’t Give A Fuck’ About Indigenous Rights

A veteran NDP MP used the most unparliamentary language to blast the Liberal government’s push to complete the Trans Mountain project despite concerns from many Indigenous groups.

“Why doesn’t the prime minister just say the truth and tell Indigenous Peoples that he doesn’t give a fuck about their rights?” Romeo Saganash asked in question period Tuesday, stunning the House of Commons.

Though some NDP MPs applauded, House Speaker Geoff Regan immediately called on Saganash to apologize.

We Are Living Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is no longer fiction. We are living it right now.

Google techies planned to massage Internet searches to emphasize correct thinking. A member of the so-called deep state, in an anonymous op-ed, brags that its “resistance” is undermining an elected president. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, and NSC were all weaponized in 2016 to ensure that the proper president would be elected — the choice adjudicated by properly progressive ideology. Wearing a wire is now redefined as simply flipping on an iPhone and recording your boss, boy- or girlfriend, or co-workers.

But never has the reality that we are living in a surreal age been clearer than during the strange cycles of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In Orwell’s world of 1984 Oceania, there is no longer a sense of due process, free inquiry, rules of evidence and cross examination, much less a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Instead, regimented ideology — the supremacy of state power to control all aspects of one’s life to enforce a fossilized idea of mandated quality — warps everything from the use of language to private life.




‘Hezbollah treasurer’ Barakat arrested in Brazil border city

Police in Brazil have arrested a man accused by the United States of being one of the main financial operators of the Lebanese militant group, Hezbollah.

Assad Ahmad Barakat was detained near the border with Paraguay and Argentina.

He is wanted for identity theft in Paraguay, where he previously served six years in prison for tax evasion.

The police in Argentina have accused Barakat of laundering $10m (£7.6m) on behalf of Hezbollah at a casino in the Iguazu Falls area.

Barakat, a Lebanese national, was detained in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu.

Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Is Already A Human Trafficking Nightmare

According to a report in 2017 by the International Trade Union Confederation, at least 1,200 foreign workers had died in Qatar since it was awarded the World Cup in 2010.

Who Is Karl Marx?

Belgium ends funding for Palestinian schools over honoring of terrorist

Belgium has broken its relations with the Palestinian Authority’s education ministry over its honoring of terrorists and will no longer fund the construction of its schools, a government spokesperson said.

The Belgian Education Ministry announced the move — the first of its kind by any European country — this week, the Joods Actueel Jewish newspaper reported Friday.

“As long as school names are used to glorify terrorism, Belgium can no longer cooperate with the Palestinian Education Ministry and will not give out budgets for the construction of schools,” a statement from the ministry said.

If Peter Beinart is so smart, why is it so easy to point out his lies?

“Beinart isn’t stupid. He knows everything I am writing is true. The question is why he prefers to write these lies that his liberal friends love to pretend are the truth, rather than to actually have the guts and admit that his thinking will not result in peace but in perpetual war. Why does he pretend that Israel is to blame for the failure of Oslo? Why does he not mention terrorism or rockets or Hamas or “pay to slay” or Abbas’ rejection of peace plans and frameworks and even direct talks?”

Because he’s a demented, filthy kapo, that’s why


I’m betting she won’t testify

Agents Apprehend 2,000 Migrants in 3 Days at Single Border Crossing

“The continued flow of migrants turning themselves in to Border Patrol agents is creating an unsustainable situation,” Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr. said in a written statement. “The transnational criminal organizations exploit family units and unaccompanied children populations and create diversions for agents, leaving areas along the Rio Grande vulnerable.”

Twitter Should Ban Dictators Who Don’t Allow Their Own Citizens Access

In recent years, Twitter has become embroiled in countless controversies over political bias and its apparent suppression of free speech on the platform. However, amid all the criticism, there is one straightforward way Twitter can promote free speech and civil liberties: Suspend leaders of oppressive regimes that do not give their own citizens access to the platform.

Twitter is currently blocked by authoritarian governments in China, Iran, and North Korea. However, Iran is the only one of these regimes with official accounts on the platform.

More Than 22 Million Illegal Aliens In U.S., Study Finds

A new study by two Yale professors and an instructor at MIT puts the number of illegal aliens in America at 22.1 million — more than twice previous estimates.

Swiss region overwhelmingly votes for ‘burqa ban’

A second Swiss canton will introduce a regional “burqa ban”, after voters in St. Gallen overwhelmingly voted Sunday to prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces.

Nearly 67 percent of voters in the northeastern Swiss canton voted in favour of the new law, according to official results, paving the way for it to follow the example of the southern canton of Ticino, where a law was introduced two years ago that appeared to be aimed at burqas and other Muslim veils.

A text stipulating that “any person who renders themselves unrecognisable by covering their face in a public space, and thus endangers public security or social and religious peace will be fined” was adopted by lawmakers in St. Gallen late last year.

That law passed the regional parliament with support from the populist right and centre parties — but the issue was put to the people after the Green Party and Young Socialists demanded a referendum.

Switzerland’s government last year opposed an initiative aimed at creating a nationwide burqa ban, saying it should be up to the regions to determine if such measures are appropriate.

Voters across Switzerland are however expected to be called to vote on the issue next year after the populist rightwing Swiss People’s Party gathered the 100,000 signatures needed to put any subject to a referendum as part of Switzerland’s famous direct democratic system.