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Video: UCLA student melts down after divestment defeat

Legal Insurrection has the whole story.

Iran & David Duke Salute Presbyterian Church USA

If the Iranian state media and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke salute your church’s work, your church is doing something wrong.

Video: After DHS Denial, Local News Station Finds Evidence Terrorists Have Crossed the Border

Video: Hey, remember when B.O. mocked Mitt Romney for warning that Russia is the biggest threat to geopolitical stability?

obama idiot

“The 1980′s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back,” Obama swiped at Romney during a 2012 presidential debate. He echoed his insistence that approaching Russia with a Cold War-mindset is counterproductive, in spite of the fact that Russia appears to view geopolitics in its near abroad as a zero-sum game.

But events in recent months have suggested that Romney had a greater grasp on the threat to American interests that Russia poses than his critics gave him credit for.”

And while we’re on the subject of incompetent liberal leaders, have a look at what jackass Justin tweeted today.

New documentary: The J Street Challenge

Reminder: Canada’s version of J Street is J Space.

“The key question raised by the film is what it means to be “pro-Israel” not on a personal level, but within the context of the political lobbying and advocacy that swirls around American policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (or, as Harvard Professor Ruth Wisse more accurately terms it in her interview in the film, “the Arab conflict with Israel”). And when you examine J Street’s record, it becomes very hard to dispute Professor Alan Dershowitz’s assertion that the organization—despite its much-vaunted tagline—is “neither pro-Israel nor pro-peace.”

To begin with, there are J Street’s funders. As the film documents, ferocious critics of Israel like the hedge-fund billionaire George Soros and Genevieve Lynch, a board member of the pro-Iranian regime National Iranian-American Council, have donated significant sums to the organization. And although it says it is opposed to the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, J Street maintains close ties with those who advocate collaboration with the BDS movement in targeting West Bank settlements, like the writer Peter Beinart and the corporate lawyer Kathleen Peratis. This milieu is hardly conducive to J Street’s “pro-Israel” self-image.”

AIPAC’s Tough Talk Is Not Fooling Anyone

The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) published an op-ed in the New York Times Saturday in which its leaders made a passionate and well-argued case for continued pressure on Iran, and also for the role of Congress in setting foreign policy. The organization, the op-ed made clear, supports the Kirk-Menendez bill, i.e. the “Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act,” which would apply new sanctions “if, and only if, the talks fail.”

The op-ed notes that Iranian leaders have proudly declared that they do not intend to dismantle their nuclear program, and even includes what might be considered a little dig at the administration and its hostile attitude towards Congress in general: “At this moment, we must not allow Iran to dictate the appropriate role of Congress…..America’s elected representatives are not the problem; the unelected theocrats of Iran are.”

It is tough talk, and sets the agenda for AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference next week, which will bring many thousands of pro-Israel volunteers to Capitol Hill to lobby their respective members of Congress. But no one takes AIPAC’s tough talk seriously. That is because AIPAC sheepishly backed away from the Kirk-Menedez bill earlier this month, when it was clear that Democrats would not fight President Barack Obama’s veto threat.

Venezuela’s Useful Idiots

“It’s a thought experiment I often present to the Western Chavista, one that usually ends up demonstrating that sympathizers of the regime, both in this country and in Europe, have something of a colonialist attitude towards Venezuela. Because one wonders the reaction of these faux progressives if Prime Minister David Cameron, President Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel–pick your the imperialist lackey!–arrested an opposition leader who had organized peaceful street protests? Or if the CIA shut off the internet in politically restive cities like Berkeley and Brooklyn; blocked Twitter traffic it found politically suspect; and took over PBS, forcing it to broadcast only pro-administration agitprop, never allowing the opposition party to traduce the government across public airwaves? Or if the president forced the removal of BBC America from all cable providers for being too anti-American?

Perhaps reactions would be muted if motorcycle gangs loyal to President George W. Bush circled anti-Iraq War protests physically attacking–and occasionally murdering–demonstrators. How about if a judge ruled against President Obama’s domestic spying apparatus and, in return, the White House ordered that judge thrown in prison? How long would an American president be allowed to run up massive inflation, despite massive oil revenues coming into government coffers? How long would it be considered reasonable–and not the president’s responsibility–to preside over 23,000 murders in a country of just under 30 million people, a rate that would horrify the average resident of Baghdad? How long could supermarket shelves remain bare of basic staples like bread and milk before The Nation or The Guardian would gleefully decide that America was a failed, kleptocratic state? Or if Bush or Obama’s economic policies meant that toilet paper could no longer be found on the open market?

So I ask a rather straight-forward question to those who pretend to care about the Venezuelan people (much like those who miraculously lost interest in the Vietnamese people after 1975 or the Nicaraguan people after 1990), those who care so deeply for the poor and destitute in Latin America: Why the double standard?”

Follow the blood money: Exposing the secret US banking operations that help fund suicide bombers


Click the image.

Egypt’s Morsi ‘leaked secrets to Iran Revolutionary Guards’

The claim came during the second hearing of his trial on espionage charges.

Prosecutors allege that he and 35 others were involved in a plot to destabilise Egypt. The trial was later adjourned to 27 February.

The deposed Islamist leader is facing four separate trials.

Mr Morsi’s supporters say he and other senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders are the victims of politically motivated prosecutions.

The espionage trail opened on 16 February and on Sunday prosecutors detailed the charges against Mr Morsi and his co-defendants.

They were specifically accused of “delivering to a foreign country… national defence secrets and providing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with security reports in order to destabilise the security and stability of the country”, AFP news agency reported.

The statement read in court did not identify the “foreign country”.

Mr Morsi is also accused of collaborating with the Palestinian movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement. If convicted, he could receive the death penalty.

Video: Evil dad films kids slipping on ice for six minutes straight

Via Daily Caller

A diabolical dad filmed kids slipping on ice outside his daughter’s school for six minutes straight.

Instead of warning the kids that they were about to step onto a very icy patch of concrete, he filmed several of his daughter’s classmates falling on their asses one right after the other.

His daughter clearly inherited her dad’s evil tendencies because once she gets in the car, she too, does nothing to warn her friends.

Watch Out, Hackers: This VC-Backed, Israeli Special Ops Cybersecurity Company Will Hunt You Down


Here’s the interesting thing from a software and security standpoint: much technology and intellectual power has been devoted to preventing the bad guys from getting into the network. But once they’re in, many large firms have no idea that they’re there. These guys are free to slowly plan their attacks, steal valuable information, and destroy whatever they like.

In fact, the Mean Time to Know (MTTK) — the time elapsed from when a hacker enters a network until the network operator knows he’s there — can be up to 4 years and 10 months (like this case of hacking from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Unit.)

This is about to change, though, in part due to the work a newly-emerged Israeli startup is doing. Cybereason launched earlier this month, with the news that it had secured a $4.6 million round of venture funding from Charles River Ventures.

When I sat down to speak with Cybereason founder, Lior Div — who lead a unit within Israel’s prestigious 8200 intelligence unit — it was clear that the hackers have already won. Well, sort of.

Div’s point is that with the billions of dollars poured into firewall software over the past few decades to prevent network intrusion, the hackers are still getting in. That’s inevitable.

But there is something we can do about it.

Israeli military one of the world’s most LGBT friendly, says new report


In the first index to rank countries by the inclusion of gay and lesbian service members, Israel breaks the top ten, far ahead of the United States.

Palestinians: Eight Million Refugees Must Return to Israel

“The reactions to Abbas’s statements concerning the issue of the refugees show that any agreement that Abbas reaches with Israel under U.S. pressure will not signal the end of the conflict with Israel. They also show that millions of Palestinians continue to believe that one day they will be allowed to move to Israel, regardless of whether a Palestinian state is established in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem or not.”

Peter Beinart pretends to think palestinians want a state of their own

“So why keep criticizing the settlements? Because there’s a difference between what people believe in their hearts and what they will accept onthe ground. That’s certainly true among Jews. Consider Tzipi Livni, who was raised to believe in Greater Israel, a Jewish state that controls theentire West Bank (and perhaps the Jordan Riv er’s East Bank as well). “You can tell from the passionate way Tzipi still sings the Betar songstoday,” a family friend noted a few years back, “just how much the love of Greater Israel is ingrained in her.” Yet Livni is willing to abandon thedream that still inspires her because she believes that, in reality, pursuing it will cause her people suffering and pain.

The same is true for many Palestinians. It’s one thing to believe, morally, that the state of Israel is illegitimate within any borders. It’s another to keep fighting to destroy it within any borders when that fight is likely to condemn your children to lives of stateless misery.”

The entire Arab world and palestinians themselves have condemned their children to lives of stateless misery for decades, on purpose. Everyone, including Beinart, knows very well they could have had a state long long ago.

The title of Beinart’s column is “What Liberal Zionists should say When We’re Called Naive”, but critics of Beinart and his ilk don’t think these people are naive; we think they play naive. What they are, are lying kapos, and this article proves it.

Gaza comedy troupe seeks laughs without offending Hamas government

In the outside world — heck, even here — two words that rarely appear in the same sentence are “funny” and “Gaza.”

But several troupes of young cutups in the coastal enclave are changing this — very, very carefully.


Today in “palestinian” filth: “Palestinian” TV airs show praising Fogel family murderer

Palestinian television aired an interview with the relatives of the Fogel family murderers earlier this month, praising the two cousins convicted with the brutal attack as “heroes.”

The broadcast was aired as part of a weekly show on the Palestinian state-run station called “For You,” which focuses on Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel.

The show featured the aunt and mother of Hakim Awad, who along with his cousin Amjad was convicted of brutally stabbing to death five Fogel family members in an attack on their home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar on the night of March 11, 2011.

Hakim Awad’s mother sent her regards to her son, proudly describing him as the perpetrator of the Itamar attack and that he was sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences.

Awad’s aunt then proceeded to describe her nephew as a “hero and a legend.”

The unusual broadcast was reported by the Israel-based media watchdog organization Palestinian Media Watch

Late last year Amjad Awad was convicted of the murdering Ehud and Ruth Fogel, along with three of their young child-ren, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, 3 months old, before fleeing the scene. His cousin Hakim was convicted a month earlier. Both men were sentenced to five consecutive life sentences by an IDF court.


Iranian mullah revives death fatwa against Salman Rushdie over Satanic Verses 25 years after it was issued


The Iranian clergy has revived Salman Rushdie’s death fatwa 25 years after it was issued over his ‘blasphemous’ Satanic Verses.

On February 14, 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called on all Muslims to murder the award-winning author and anyone involved in the publication of his work.

This Friday, senior cleric Ahmad Khatami reminded worshippers at the Tehran Friday prayer that the ‘historical fatwa’ is ‘as fresh as ever’.

Canada probes agent’s romance with Iranian spy target

Canada is investigating one of its anti-terrorism agents for having a year-long affair with her target, an alleged Iranian spy, an official said on Friday.

The Montreal French-language daily La Presse said a seemingly innocent text sent from a cell phone in the Ottawa region triggered the probe.

“Hey darling, I have a little something special I want to give you for Christmas. 😉 I hope that you have a great Christmas. Let’s talk soon, okay? I love you and I miss you. xxo,” it reportedly said.

The Passport Canada employee assigned to an Integrated National Security Enforcement Team was tasked with following the comings and goings of the suspect, an Iranian-born Canadian living in Montreal.

According to La Presse, she herself became the target of an internal investigation after her affair was revealed recently.

Blowing up tourists in Egypt

An explosion on a tourist bus in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula killed three Koreans and the Egyptian driver on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said, an apparent turning point in an Islamist insurgency that has gained pace since an army takeover in July.

The ministry said the bus was travelling from St. Catherine’s Monastery, a popular tourist destination in the south Sinai, to nearby Israel when it was attacked.

It did not state the cause of the blast. But two security sources said an explosive device planted either inside or near the bus was used.

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Actual good news: Worst UN Candidates Defeated in Race to Replace Richard Falk


“We have just learned that following UN Watch’s campaign exposing and opposing the most biased candidates vying to replace the outgoing Richard Falk — as the UN’s permanent investigator on “Israel’s violations of the principles and bases of international law” — five out of six have already been eliminated.”

Canada Budget 2014: Charities that accept donations from states that sponsor terrorism will have registrations revoked

Ray Boisvert, a former senior Canadian counter-terrorism official, said the impact of the policy would likely be narrow but that it could help constrain some activities, particularly by cultural and religious groups linked to Iran.

Iran is a major state sponsor of terrorist groups, notably Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group that has long raised money in Canada through organized crime and front organizations.

And now, Jew hatin’ Donald Duck


The former “official voice” of Donald Duck in the Middle East is ruffling feathers this week, claiming the Walt Disney Company fired him over anti-Israel tweets.

Olympics – The silver medal

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Report: Israel, India to Build Integrated Anti-Missile System

Israel and India will jointly build an integrated anti-missile system to be deployed against Chinese nuclear and conventional missiles, Defense News reported on Thursday.

The defense technology co-operation comes as Israel and India deepen ties in many areas, particularly in agricultural technology, allowing India to apply Israel’s irrigation and desert-fighting techniques to the vast Indian sub-continent.

The Woman Who Makes the Jihadis Squirm

“Through her nonprofit legal center, Shurat HaDin (“letter of the law” in Hebrew), Nitsana has spent the last decade and a half battling terrorism through civil lawsuits. Representing terror victims from Israel, the United States, Canada, Iran, and elsewhere, she files motions and seizes assets and sends warnings. She has become a menace to terrorists, putting them on their heels, forcing them and their sponsors to spend vast sums on legal fees, to stop using the Western banking industry, to smuggle cash through tunnels instead of using the banks.

In the process she has revolutionized the way the civilized world deals with terrorism. Governments that clearly back terror organizations—like Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the Palestinian Authority—have found their assets frozen, even turned over to victims. Terrorist groups, states that sponsor terror, banks that facilitate terror financing, companies that do business with terrorists—all of these have found themselves diverting attention, resources, and immense energies to dealing with high-profile lawsuits. Major corporations have discovered that they cannot operate with impunity.

The numbers alone tell a big part of the story. In the last decade, Nitsana’s team has won over $1 billion in judgments. These have resulted in the freezing of over $600 million in assets around the world—money that otherwise would be funding terror operations. And over $120 million in actual awards have been transferred into the hands of the victims.”

Awwww, Finkelstein hits hard times

But there’s hope! He may get gig teaching in, wait for it, Iran!

“This year, I’m down to two countries. One is Turkey where I may be teaching, there’s a good chance. The other is Iran and I’ve been working on Iran but so far it hasn’t been successful. So right now, we’re down to Turkey and Iran because I am finding it intolerable at the present moment, this pointless life.”

Forging a Socialist-Islamist Alliance

“But it is essential for socialists to take Islamists seriously, and vice versa, for both sides to understand the various currents in the common resistance to imperialism, and to forge alliances that will be lasting.”

School Officials Object to Image of a Gun Depicted on… Signs Banning Guns


School officials are objecting, not to the gun-free zones, but to the “bothersome” stickers that they say could be alarming or confusing to some people.

‘I don’t want any more memorials to dead Jews’

The head of the US Jewish establishment slams the interim deal on Iran, the public Israel-US sniping, and the deafening silence in the face of new anti-Semitism.


7 environmental charities face Canada Revenue Agency audits

The Canada Revenue Agency is currently conducting extensive audits on some of Canada’s most prominent environmental groups to determine if they comply with guidelines that restrict political advocacy.