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3 registered naturopaths subject to complaint about therapy promising ‘complete elimination’ of autism

These people should serve time in prison 


PETA goes after the TTC over rejected vegan ads

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are calling out both the TTC and its ad sales agency, Pattison Outdoor, this week for allegedly refusing to take their business.

Lawyers representing PETA say that Pattison has been ignoring queries about running pro-vegan ads throughout Toronto’s transit system for at least two months now.

“What do Toronto officials have against PETA’s freedom of expression to save animals?” reads a blog post on the non-profit organization’s website.

“All the ads proposed by PETA comply with Canadian advertising standards, so as a public transit agency, the commission cannot lawfully refuse to display them.”

Premier Horgan rescinds recognition of Vancouver imam after antisemitic, homophobic remarks

screengrab-jpgB.C. Premier John Horgan has rescinded a certificate of recognition for a firebrand Vancouver imam after his antisemitic and homophobic slurs were uncovered online.

Imam Tarek Ramadan, who preaches at a mosque on Kingsway, made the offensive social media posts last week. In one, he described Jewish soldiers as “f*gs.” He also shared a crude caricature of a Jewish woman about to stick a knife into the back of a World War-era German soldier, a meme that can be interpreted as justifying the Holocaust.




U.S. Group Giving Asylum Seekers Step-By-Step Tips For Crossing Into Canada

Pamphlets produced by a group called Plattsburgh Cares are being circulated in Plattsburgh, N.Y., giving would-be asylum seekers step-by-step instructions on where to cross the border, how to contact immigration lawyers and what to tell border security officials during interviews.

The pamphlets even include details about how much migrants should expect to pay in taxi fare to the unofficial border crossing at Roxham Road in Quebec.

Turkey’s economy at risk as currency hits record low


Trudeau defends $600M price tag for G7 summit in Quebec

The importance of next month’s G7 summit in Quebec can’t be underestimated, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday as he defended the event’s hefty price tag.

The event can be the perfect forum for the global leadership that is required on issues such as the environment and healthy oceans and the improvement of economic opportunities for women internationally, he told reporters.

“More than that, to have the opportunity for seven allies to gather in a less formal, more relaxed setting, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a warm welcome, to talk about real issues — it’s extremely important,” Trudeau said at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu hotel, which will host the summit.