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British MEP Daniel Hannan Spent Nine Minutes Smacking Down CNN Journalist

Must watch

Turkey suddenly locates a bunch of ISIS safe houses

Police carried out raids on supposed ISIS safe houses in Istanbul and the western coastal city of Izmir.

39 of the Most Influential Islamist Activists in America

This week the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released yet another version of its “Islamophobia” report, “Confronting Fear,” replete with lists and fancy quantitative analyses of groups CAIR opposes, dividing them into “inner core” and “outer core,” and estimating their incomes.

It’s all very interesting for those of us (the Middle East Forum, in my case) mentioned. But more amusing is that the report also provides a list of 39 Islamists who, CAIR informs us, participated at an “August 2015 strategy session” where they developed the outline of this report and its conceit that we critics of Islamism should be banished like the Ku Klux Klan.

Canada drops Mexican visa requirement, Mexico lifts beef ban

“Since 2009, this barrier has been set, but today thanks to a great political will, we are bringing it down,” Pena Nieto said in Spanish.

The policy had been imposed by the previous Conservative government to stem the flow of asylum claims from Mexico, which nearly tripled from 2005 to 2008, when Mexicans accounted for more than 25 per cent of all refugee claims filed in Canada.

PuffHo comment of the day

Garden-variety progressive jackass:

The idea of preserving individual identities on a small planet with 7 billion people is an infantile notion. Individualism has become a weakness as a species, and has kept our maturity from equalling our technological evolution. The choices are: we shed 5 billion souls through tribalism, famine, disease, and general break down of our ecosystems, or we grow up as a species and put survival over profit, and individualism. We will probably suffer the first option before we chose the second!!


Al-Qaida: Target White People So Obama Admin Won’t Call It A Hate Crime

A branch of the terrorist organization al-Qaida is advising prospective terrorists to target white people for their attacks, in order to prevent politicians and law enforcement from dismissing their acts of terrorism as run-of-the-mill hate crimes.

Terrorists trying to convince everyone they’re, you know, terrorists…

20 years ago you laughed at me, you are not laughing now