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Gym user asked to change clothing over alleged gluteal fold exposure

That’s the appreciation she gets for working her gluteal folds off? The gym should pay her to walk around and inspire others — here’s what thousands of squats will get you!


Imam among 12 suspects in Spain vehicle attacks

The Catalan police chief told reporters at a news conference in Barcelona there were 12 suspects but none “had precedents that linked them to terrorism, including the imam.”

He said one theory is that the group had been planning one or more attacks with explosives in Barcelona. He added officials have no concrete evidence about how a group of young men in the northeastern town of Ripoll were radicalized.

Police are, however, focusing on a missing imam who police think could have died in the house explosion. They say Abdelbaki Es Satty may have radicalized the young men in the extremist cell.

Media Shames South Park for Ignoring Trump Jokes

Cartman must resist

Anti-Israel Academics Launch Campus Antifa Group for Faculty

Prominent anti-Israel academics launched a campus antifa group earlier this month for faculty across the United States.

Purdue University’s Bill Mullen and Stanford University’s David Palumbo-Liu created the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN) to combat “fascists” who use “‘free speech’ as a façade for attacking faculty who have stood in solidarity with [targeted] students”.

Toronto man who disappeared 3 years ago surfaces on Interpol list of feared ISIS bombers

A Toronto man is named on an Interpol list of individuals suspected to belong to an ISIS suicide brigade, according to a Canadian expert on radicalization and foreign fighters.

Tabirul Hasib first disappeared five years ago when he booked a flight to the Middle East along with three other Toronto men, Abdul Malik and two others — Nur and Adib — whose last names are not known.

For the zillionth time: Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism

The Business Behind the Left’s Pay-to-Protest Scheme

When left-wing organizers were recruiting people to travel to Washington, D.C., to try to “shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump” and “paralyze the city itself,” they offered a number of incentives — free housing, food, and also legal assistance in case of arrest. They also organized training camps, workshops and media-encounter events in the run-up to the main event: the big riot.