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Linda Sarsour is pure evil

Anti-Israel, Sharia law loving activist Linda Sarsour sparked outrage after she asked her followers on Twitter to donate to help Hurricane Harvey victims, but the link takes you to a political activist group.

Researchers Drug White People with Oxytocin to ‘Reduce Xenophobia’

“Neurobiological evidence informing about strategies to reduce xenophobic sentiment and foster altruistic cooperation with outsiders is scarce.

In a series of experiments, we tested the propensity of 183 Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees (outgroup) and half of whom were natives (in-group).

Participants scoring low on xenophobic attitudes exhibited an altruistic preference for the outgroup, which further increased after nasal delivery of the neuropeptide oxytocin. In contrast, participants with higher levels of xenophobia failed to exhibit altruism toward the outgroup. This tendency was countered by pairing oxytocin with peer-derived altruistic norms, resulting in a 74% increase in refugee-directed donations.”

Ontario workers have little to celebrate this Labour Day

Labour Day is a time when we celebrate workers. Unfortunately, over the past three years, Ontarians have had little to cheer about the province’s labour market.

Hezbollah chief urges recapture of Mt. Dov from Israel

“We call on the state to devise a plan and take a sovereign decision to liberate the Shebaa Farms and the Kfarshouba Hills,” Hassan Nasrallah told thousands of his supporters in a televised speech

Frat Retreat Cut Short After Discarded Banana Peel Sparks Day-Long Race Discussion

A colligate Greek life retreat was cut short after students discovered a discarded banana peel lying atop a tree — which was taken by some as an offensive act relating to race.

A report by the Daily Mississippian, picked up by Alex Griswold, details the events that transpired after the initial banana drama — including a group discussion on racism during which one student came-out as the fruit-tossing culprit. However, this confession was not enough to calm the disturbed hearts and minds of aggrieved students, as some of these victims reportedly exited the meeting in tears, citing that they no longer felt “welcome” or “safe.” The remainder of the trip was officially cancelled after this emotionally-charged convening.

The culprit of the traumatic incident expressed regret for his actions, telling the campus newspaper “there is no excuse.” Student Ryan Swanson’s inability to find a trashcan acted as the catalyst for this now-national news event.

“Although unintentional, there is no excuse for the pain that was caused to members of our community… I have much to learn and look forward to doing such and encourage all members of our university community to do the same. We must all keep in mind how our actions affect those around us differently,” said banana-tossing perpetrator Swanson to the Daily Mississippian.

Why France Turned a Blind Eye to the Murder of Sarah Halimi

Almost five months ago, on April 4, a 65-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman called Lucette Attal-Halimi and known by her Hebrew name, Sarah Halimi — a retired doctor and the head of a kindergarten — was attacked in the middle of the night at her home on Vaucouleurs Street, in Paris’ 11th arrondissement, apparently tortured to death and finally thrown out of a third-floor window.

This horrific crime is now turning into a serious judicial and even political issue in France — so much so that President Emmanuel Macron insisted in a public speech on July 16, on the 75th anniversary of the Nazi-ordered round-up of thousands of Parisian Jews, that “the judiciary must shed full light” on the case.

Which was a bold move, since the judges are supposed under French law to be independent from the executive. According to Jean-Alex Buchinger, the lawyer representing Sarah Halimi’s children, “such a statement is indicative, at the very least, of a very troubled situation”.

In order to understand what is at stake, one must go back to the events of April 4.

At 4am, Kobili Traore, a 27-year-old of Malian Muslim descent living one floor below Sarah Halimi, went to the flat of an older relative, Diara Traore, on the third floor of the adjoining building on 30 Vaucouleurs Street. Kobili’s behaviour was clearly problematic, since Diara Traore locked himself, his wife and children in one of the apartment’s rooms and called the police at 4.25am.

Three minutes later, a unit of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) — who happened to be patrolling the area — took up position in front of Diara’s door. They heard Kobili Traore chanting Muslim prayers and Koranic verses. Unsure about the situation and the potential threats to the family, they asked for reinforcements. Additional policemen arrived quickly. However, for some unclear reason, the BAC unit still refrained from breaking in.

In the meantime, Kobili Traore put on new clothes and climbed out of the window to reach Sarah Halimi’s apartment, which was at the same level as Diara Traore’s. He allegedly assaulted the Jewish woman and hit her mercilessly. From time to time he resumed Koranic recitation. Many neighbours, woken by the old woman’s screams or the assaulter’s religious chanting, called the police.

Some gave details about the exact location of the assault, the attacker’s identity, the fact he vilified his victim as a Jewish person and as “a Satan” while hitting her, or even — as far as the Muslim neighbours were concerned — the Koranic portions he chanted.

Yet the police still failed to storm Sarah Halimi’s apartment and rescue her. Eventually, Kobili Traore is claimed to have shouted that the woman was “mad and about to commit suicide” and thrown her out of the window.

He had time enough to climb back to Diara Traore’s apartment where he finally was arrested. His hands were covered in blood. There was blood everywhere in his victim’s apartment.

The behaviour of the police was strange enough throughout this tragic night. Further questions were soon to be raised about the handling of the case. 

SPLC Warns of ‘Turmoil and Bloodshed’ With New Map Identifying Confederate Monuments, Cities, MIDDLE SCHOOLS

Most dangerous of all, the map lists dozens of schools, including: Jeff Davis Middle School in Hazlehurst, Ga.; Lee Elementary School in Tulsa, Okla.; Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Columbia, Mo.; J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School in Richmond, Va.; Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Petersburg, Va.; and Stonewall Jackson Elementary School in Bristol, Ga.

This listing of schools is utterly vile behavior, given the SPLC’s track record of inspiring politically motivated violence.

The SPLC’s “hate map,” a similar graphic to the Confederate map, inspired a terror attack in 2012. That summer, Floyd Lee Corkins III broke into the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C., aiming to murder everyone in the building. In February 2013, Corkins pled guilty to committing an act of terrorism and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. During an FBI interrogation, the shooter said he targeted FRC because it was listed as an “anti-gay group” on the SPLC website.

He got the address from an SPLC “hate map.”

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

“It is unethical for any US-based charity to invest large sums of money overseas,” said Casil. “I know of no legitimate reason for any US-based nonprofit to put money in overseas, unregulated bank accounts.”

Khadr’s sister’s less than liberal online post a telling sign

Zaynab Khadr sure has a sense of timing.

It was on Monday that Canadians were reading about her brother Omar’s request to have his bail conditions changed so he could have unrestricted access to hang with his big sis.

And it was on Monday that Zaynab took to Facebook to share this stern edict towards members of the ummah:

“All sects of Islam have agreed unanimously that homosexual acts are a sin, hijab is mandatory, imams must be men,” says a post she shared on her page Monday that was sourced by Postmedia.

“If you reject this, you are lying to yourself and you are weak in faith. Accept Islam for what it is or leave our mosques.”

That’s some pretty stern stuff: Follow this harsh form of Islam or leave the religion. Quite the ultimatum.

Do you think it’s at all possible that Zaynab might just maybe, oh I don’t know, talk about these sorts of issues with Omar for a minute or two when she spends time with her brother after she arrives in Canada from Sudan for her upcoming visit?

Justice for Sonja


Shojaadin Mohammad Zadeh, the perpetrator of a series of alleged assaults and sexual assaults on the elderly

“September 14 2015. Nearly two years ago. On the week of her 90th birthday, my grandmother, Sonja Shirdan, tied down, was beaten and sexually assaulted by a hospital-employed PSW, Shojaadin Mohammad Zadeh, at Mackenzie Health Hospital in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. For two years, I have been silenced. But silence is betrayal and today, I break that silence.

The Canadian health system has kept this hushed; the Canadian legal system has swept this under the rug. Publications are afraid to air this out, and victims’ families are coerced into silence.

Here, today, I beg of you to SHARE this story far and wide; make it spread like wildfire. SHARE to your page, others’ pages, public pages. Make this story viral so to prevent others from being victimized just the same. Make this story viral so to open this Pandora’s box of bureaucratic corruption, however high its chain of command may be; to disincentivize the concealment and encouragement of criminal activity.

Between March 2015 and October 2015, Shojaadin Mohammad Zadeh, then 51, allegedly assaulted and sexually assaulted at least four elderly patients, aged 88 to 91, at Mackenzie Health. The hospital’s upper management – from its CEO to Executive VP, Operations Director, Patient Care Manager, Manager of Employee Relations, and Human Resources Director – had been promptly made aware of the assaults, and deliberately elected to conceal all offenses for the majority of the seven-month duration, as later divulged to my mother by hospital management as well as by police.

On September 14 2015, a hospital nurse went in to check on my grandmother, then severely ill with pneumonia, virtually comatose, only kept alive by tubes. To the nurse’s repulsion, she saw Zadeh, a PSW responsible for cleaning and bathing patients, aggressively sexually assaulting my unconscious grandmother. Her hands were strapped to the bed; her lower lip and arms battered and painted every shade from blue to red. The nurse immediately reported this to hospital management, who instructed her to keep silent. By this point, Zadeh had already spent six months sexually assaulting hospital patients; management knew, and explicitly directed its staff to not disclose a thing to police or victims’ families, so to protect the hospital’s reputation.

Zadeh worked for Mackenzie Health Hospital for 17 months. The aforementioned offenses are the ones we know of. Nearly two years later, many of the victims deteriorated and shortly after passed. Zadeh currently resides with his family in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Following his ultimate dismissal from the hospital on October 19 2015, following a flaccid two days in jail, Zadeh was employed by Community and Home Assistance to Seniors and proceeded to sexually assault additional women at Hadley Grange, an elderly assisted-living facility in Aurora, Ontario. Zadeh also sexually assaulted an elderly man at the victim’s own home while serving as a PSW for We Care Home Health Services.

In January of 2016, already weaker and ill with another devastating bout of pneumonia, my grandmother was rushed by her nursing home back to the neighbouring Mackenzie Health. Following weeks on life support, of treatment and recovery, she was returned to the comforts of her nursing home – thin as a rail, psychologically devastated, again with arms painted all shades of hell.

On May 31 2017, Zadeh’s charges were discounted on a “sweetheart deal” from fifteen, including thirteen of sexual assault, to one. His intended trial of five weeks? Closed. All victim and family testimonies: dismissed without notice. All sexual assault charges expunged as though never existed. The reasoning? Insufficient evidence. But wait, do testimonies not equate to evidence? The court ordered the investigation to immediately close, and knowingly let a serial criminal on the loose.

On August 1 2017, my mother, fiancé and I met with the Crown Attorney at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. We sought clarification for the criminal verdict. The Crown – satanically cold, conceited, calculated – venomously acknowledged said crimes with ease and an unapologetic smirk. He admitted to the number of offenses and sexual nature of the attacks, shamelessly recognized that Zadeh is a danger to the public presently and in the future, repeatedly stressed we must accept this is how the system works, and that the case is incontestably closed.

Nearly two years later, my family has endured an unspeakable toll. The other families too. I, scarred for life. My mother? A shadow of her former self. My grandmother? Dead.

Abuse exists because of secrecy. The abuser didn’t protect you, so why should you protect the abuser? One’s silence is another’s suffering. To be silent is to be an accomplice. It is my objective to use this platform – among others – to break that silence.

If you are a major print or online publication, news outlet, television talk show, media personality, advocacy group, elderly or women’s advocacy group, integrity campaigner, or a spokesperson of sorts, please do not hesitate to reach out. This synopsis message is where a public revolution for change commences; do you want to be a part of that change?”

Moderate Muslim suing The Southern Poverty Law Center

“The SPLC, who made their money suing the KKK, were set up to defend people like me, but now they’ve become the monster that they claimed they wanted to defeat,” Maajid Nawaz, a British politician and founder of the anti-Islamist organization the Quilliam foundation, declared in a video announcing his lawsuit against the SPLC for defamation.

“They have named me, alongside Ayaan Hirsi Ali, on a list of ‘Anti-Muslim Extremists,'” Nawaz said. “I am suing the SPLC for defamation and I need your help to win.”

By all means, boycott this

Millions of people around the world suffer from congestive heart failure, which occurs when the heart is unable to pump sufficiently to maintain blood flow and meet the body’s needs. Signs and symptoms commonly include shortness of breath, excessive tiredness and leg swelling. The disease, which can be fatal, has no medical solution.

However a new Israeli patent, implemented for the first time in the world at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, can change this situation and become a “therapeutic breakthrough,” said Dr. Yair Peled, the cardiologist who invented it.

Contagion apples from the Khadr tree must be kept apart

Knowing who and what she is, it is impossible to look into the eyes of Zaynab Khadr and not see the contempt for us staring back.

Those dark, dull eyes, seen through the slit in her black niqab in various media photographs taken over the years, are the only windows into her jihadist-promoting soullessness.

But the hardness is evident.

Despite Zaynab Khadr being Omar Khadr’s oldest sibling, he cannot be allowed to see her alone.

She is too dangerous a contagion.

On Thursday, Canada’s celebrity boy terrorist, now a 30-year-old multi-millionaire courtesy of the Trudeau Liberals, will appear before an Edmonton court to have his bail conditions substantially eased.

He wants unrestricted access to his extremist Ottawa-born sister, despite her well-documented hatred of all western values except, perhaps, Canada’s place as a safe haven, its social welfare programs and its universal health-care system.

America’s Post-Charlottesville Nervous Breakdown Was Deliberately Induced

Americans are being emotionally manipulated to take up cause with those whose ultimate purpose is the repeal of the First Amendment and erasure of national memory.

Musical Interlude

For Joe

Bail set at $50,000 for suspect who urinated on Northeast Philly synagogue’s front door

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess this guy isn’t an Episcopalian Trump supporter 




Now that the media has successfully adapted tactics right out of the playbook of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels to convince millions of historically ignorant, low-information, angry nitwits that President Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, Godwin’s Law is being tested as never before.

SJWs want veterans ‘banned’ from four-year colleges

According to KKTV, the flyers make extremely broad generalizations about those who fought to protect the freedoms of millions of Americans. The pamphlets claim that “many veterans openly mock the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable members of society.”

The message goes on to say that although “many veterans utter the mantra that they, ‘do not see color,’” veterans socialize themselves “into the military culture that is of a white supremacist organization.” As a result, the flyer reads, veterans “have been permanently tainted.”


Another member of the delegation, Steve Russell, a Republican congressman, also from Oklahoma, is a highly decorated 21-year veteran of the US Army who served in Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, where his unit played a central role in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein.

Russell said one thing he has learned from his experience is that “you have really three options when two groups don’t get along. You have accommodation, which is the ultimate goal; you have assimilation, where the stronger side forces the hand of the weaker, and then they accept it; and you have elimination, when neither side want to agree and are determined to eliminate the other.”

Russell, who characterized those three options as “the path of history,” said: “From my perspective as a historian and a soldier, you have Israel, which is willing to do the first two stages – accommodation and assimilation – but have never looked at the third category as a solution.

By contrast, he said, for “the other side, the first and only option is elimination.”

Your daily libs

Theater won’t show ‘Gone With the Wind,’ calling film ‘insensitive’

IT’S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over ‘Hate Group’ Designation

On Tuesday, D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the charity navigation organization GuideStar, and Amazon for defamation, religious discrimination, and trafficking in falsehood. The SPLC listed DJKM as a “hate group,” while GuideStar also categorized it in those terms, and Amazon kept the ministry off of its charity donation program, Amazon Smile.

“We embarked today on a journey to right a terrible wrong,” Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO at DJKM, said in a statement Tuesday. “Those who knowingly label Christian ministries as ‘hate’ groups, solely for subscribing to the historic Christian faith, are either woefully uninformed or willfully deceitful. In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, our lawsuit alleges the latter.”

Christopher Columbus Association Links Anti-Statue Crowd Directly to KKK

Patrick Korten of the National Christopher Columbus Association has some bad news for the regressives in the country who want to remove statues of the Italian explorer: you’re no better than the Ku Klux Klan.

Anti-American leftists have been vandalizing statues of Columbus over the last few weeks and even government officials have involved themselves in the targeting, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Korten released a statement reminding them they may have to face some uncomfortable facts, especially as a renewed effort to squash the KKK is underway.

“The rush to judgment against Christopher Columbus by some in New York City’s government recalls the worst aspects of the bigotry and hatred Italian Americans and other immigrants once had to face in New York, where Catholic immigration was, in effect, banned by the state’s first constitution written by John Jay,” Korten wrote.

Then he listed four facts to shoot down “this ill-conceived” rewriting of Columbus’s history:

PuffHo: Does Serving In The Military Turn You Into A Racist?

Stupid and sickening

Feel-good story of the day: Anti-Israel Extremists Target ADL in New Online Campaign Equating Zionism With Racism

ADL getting exactly what they deserve 🙂

Far left militia group, Redneck Revolt, offers training manual on “kidnapping”, “executions”, and “terrorism”

They promote several PDFs that endorse “armed struggle” and even offer a 36 page “Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerrilla” (bottom right of resource page) which pictures left-wing militants using RPGs and outlines tactics for guerrilla warfare including sections on “sabotage”, “kidnapping”, “executions”, “armed propaganda”, and “terrorism”.

Antifa Has A New Cell In Philly, And They’re Calling For Property Seizures, Violence On Police, And All-Out Revolution

Emboldened mental defectives

Alt-Left Warns Antifa Will Attack Canadian Journalists At Protests

And the sympathetic, cowardly “journalists” will happily take it up the ass…

What about monuments that honor Nazi-lovers?

Notorious black Nazi, Malcolm X, is just fine with Jew-hating libs

Lebanon might as well change its name to Western Iran

Last month, President Trump praised Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri and Lebanon as a partner in the war on terror. Improbably, he claimed that Lebanon was also fighting against Hezbollah.

Now, Hariri has made his positions clear when he was visited by Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari in Beirut.

Today in the longest occupation

2000 year-old “1/2 Shekel” found in Halamish was minted during the Great Jewish Revolt prior to the destruction of the Second Temple

Americans seeking enforcement of U.S. judgment against Omar Khadr in Alberta

Canadian lawyers acting for the widow of an American special forces soldier have filed an application in Alberta — essentially duplicating one filed earlier in Ontario — seeking enforcement of a massive U.S. damages award against former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr.

The claim calls on the Court of Queen’s Bench to recognize the judgment from Utah, and to issue a “corresponding” judgment in the amount of $173.88 million — the Canadian value of the US$132.1-million American award made in June 2015.

“Given that Canada has substantially similar legislation in relation to civil actions for victims of terrorism, it is entirely consistent with the fundamental public policy of Canada to enforce the U.S. judgment,” the notice states. “There are no defences to enforcement and recognition that operate in favour of the defendant in this case.”

According to the notice, bringing the Alberta action in parallel with the Ontario case is proper “given the territorial limitations of the respective judgment-enforcement regimes.”

Calgary-based lawyer Dan Gilborn refused to discuss the proceedings on Thursday, saying his office was not authorized to comment.

While the Alberta action was filed in early July amid word that the federal government was paying Khadr $10.5 million to settle a civil lawsuit, the lawyers acting for the Americans said they were having trouble serving notice on him.

“We have thus far been unable to locate Mr. Khadr for personal service, although we are aware that he has been residing in Edmonton, Alta., for much of the past two years,” Gilborn wrote Aug. 14 in a letter to Khadr’s lawyers, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press.

Students are the new masters – and the result is campus tyranny

This is what happens when we socialise youths to think censorship is good and other people’s opinions are bad, to believe mental safety is better than zany liberty: they lose faith in freedom and democracy. They will leave uni and populate public life with these views. This is how liberty dies.

Teachers’ union wants to remove John A. Macdonald’s name from public schools

“It’s one the most crazy and ridiculous things I’ve ever heard — just simply trying to erase Canadian history in the guise of an extreme and radical political correctness. I can’t believe the average teacher in Ontario would support this type of ridiculous idea”

Designated Palestinian terror group to run for German parliament

A group designated by the European Union as a terror organization is running for the German parliament, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is responsible for some of the most horrific attacks on Israeli citizens since the 70s, has reportedly teamed up with Germany’s Marxist-Leninist Party (MLPD), to appear on the ballot come the vote in September.

The German newspaper Jüdische Allgemeine reported Wednesday that the MLPD does not share the EU’s view that its new partner is a terrorist organization. According to the party’s statement, many organizations are wrongly criminalized under the pretext of the fight against terrorism.

“We demand the removal of revolutionary and anti-imperialist organizations from these ‘terror lists’,” read the statement, quoted by the Jüdische Allgemeine.

The party reportedly also plans to continue this partnership after the national vote. In the previous election, the MLPD won 0.1% of the vote, failing to meet the 5% threshold required to enter the German parliament.

The mooted partnership is unlikely to face any obstacles, because in contrast to the EU, Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has no issue with the PFLP, noted the newspaper, because the group has yet to carry out any militant actions on German soil.

Antifa Stabs Man for Having ‘Neo-Nazi Haircut’


NDP Leadership Candidate Endorsed by Holocaust-Denying Community Leader and Newspaper

NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton has been endorsed by a controversial Canadian-Palestinian figure with a history of Holocaust denial.

In a public August 15 Facebook post, Nazih Khatatba wrote that it was a “duty and responsibility” to register as an NDP member in order to vote for Ashton, who Khatatba said is “known for her pro-Palestinian positions and BDS”. The endorsement came after Ashton met Khatatba and posed for a photo with him at an August 11 campaign fundraiser in Mississauga, Ont. hosted by the Palestine Aid Society.

In January of 2017, B’nai Brith Canada drew attention to an Arabic-language program on Rogers TV, in which Khatatba called Jewish suffering a “fairy tale” and engaged in Holocaust denial. Rogers swiftly responded by dropping the program from its channel.

Ashton also received a front page endorsement in the August 18 edition of al-Meshwar, an Arabic-language newspaper edited by Khatatba, an important figure in the Mississauga Palestinian community. Khatatba has previously used al-Meshwar to support acts of terrorism, including a 2014 massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue in which six Israelis, including one Canadian citizen, were murdered. In 2015, another editorial in al-Meshwar called Judaism a “terrorist religion” and claimed that killing is ingrained in Judaism.

Quebec village refuses to remove swastika-emblazoned anchor from park

The municipality of Pointe-des-Cascades, Que., says it won’t remove an anchor adorned with a swastika in a neighbourhood park because the piece has historical significance.

The racist lunatics of Black Lives Matter

BLM vs. Antifa

Israeli general mocks Abbas for sending medical aid to Venezuela

An Israeli general sharply criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday for sending medical aid to distant Venezuela while cutting down on help to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

“We draw the Palestinian Authority’s attention to the fact that traveling from Ramallah to Gaza is only one hour, while the distance between Venezuela and Ramallah is more than 10,000 kilometers,” wrote Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Major General Yoav Mordechai on his official Facebook page.



Human smuggling being investigated as possible cause of spike in asylum seekers: Goodale

The federal government has launched an investigation into the possibility that human smugglers are responsible for the sudden spike in asylum seekers crossing the border illegally into Canada.

“There appears to be at least some evidence of a deliberate disinformation or misinformation campaign being undertaken by certain people,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told CBC News Network’s Power & Politics.

Trump to ‘cut all military aid to Pakistan’, thinks Washington is being ‘ripped off’ by Islamabad: report

During the discussions at Camp David, there were differences of opinion over taking a harder line on Pakistan for failing to close Afghan Taliban sanctuaries and arrest Afghan extremist leaders. US officials say the Afghan Taliban are supported by elements of Pakistan’s military and top intelligence agency, a charge Islamabad denies.

Bannon boycotted Trump meet with ‘terrorist’ Abbas — report

Days after his ouster from the White House, the extent of the animosity between divisive strategist Steve Bannon and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is steadily emerging in US media reports, with an article in Vanity Fair detailing their disputes and asserting that Bannon is now planning his “revenge.”

Bannon, a hero of the so-called “alt right” whose presence in the West Wing was controversial from the start, had become the nucleus of one of several competing power centers in a chaotic White House. During his six-month tenure as Trump’s chief strategist, Bannon and Kushner reportedly clashed on numerous policy issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

According to a report in Vanity Fair online on Monday, Bannon aggressively lobbied Trump to fulfill his campaign promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and pushed the president to adopt a tougher stance toward Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, moves Kushner opposed.

When Abbas met with Trump at the White House in May, Bannon boycotted the meeting in protest.

“I’m not going to breathe the same air as that terrorist,” he texted a friend at the time, according to the magazine.

Gym user asked to change clothing over alleged gluteal fold exposure

That’s the appreciation she gets for working her gluteal folds off? The gym should pay her to walk around and inspire others — here’s what thousands of squats will get you!


Imam among 12 suspects in Spain vehicle attacks

The Catalan police chief told reporters at a news conference in Barcelona there were 12 suspects but none “had precedents that linked them to terrorism, including the imam.”

He said one theory is that the group had been planning one or more attacks with explosives in Barcelona. He added officials have no concrete evidence about how a group of young men in the northeastern town of Ripoll were radicalized.

Police are, however, focusing on a missing imam who police think could have died in the house explosion. They say Abdelbaki Es Satty may have radicalized the young men in the extremist cell.

Media Shames South Park for Ignoring Trump Jokes

Cartman must resist

Anti-Israel Academics Launch Campus Antifa Group for Faculty

Prominent anti-Israel academics launched a campus antifa group earlier this month for faculty across the United States.

Purdue University’s Bill Mullen and Stanford University’s David Palumbo-Liu created the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN) to combat “fascists” who use “‘free speech’ as a façade for attacking faculty who have stood in solidarity with [targeted] students”.

Toronto man who disappeared 3 years ago surfaces on Interpol list of feared ISIS bombers

A Toronto man is named on an Interpol list of individuals suspected to belong to an ISIS suicide brigade, according to a Canadian expert on radicalization and foreign fighters.

Tabirul Hasib first disappeared five years ago when he booked a flight to the Middle East along with three other Toronto men, Abdul Malik and two others — Nur and Adib — whose last names are not known.

For the zillionth time: Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism

The Business Behind the Left’s Pay-to-Protest Scheme

When left-wing organizers were recruiting people to travel to Washington, D.C., to try to “shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump” and “paralyze the city itself,” they offered a number of incentives — free housing, food, and also legal assistance in case of arrest. They also organized training camps, workshops and media-encounter events in the run-up to the main event: the big riot.