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Linda Sarsour is pure evil

Anti-Israel, Sharia law loving activist Linda Sarsour sparked outrage after she asked her followers on Twitter to donate to help Hurricane Harvey victims, but the link takes you to a political activist group.

Researchers Drug White People with Oxytocin to ‘Reduce Xenophobia’

“Neurobiological evidence informing about strategies to reduce xenophobic sentiment and foster altruistic cooperation with outsiders is scarce.

In a series of experiments, we tested the propensity of 183 Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees (outgroup) and half of whom were natives (in-group).

Participants scoring low on xenophobic attitudes exhibited an altruistic preference for the outgroup, which further increased after nasal delivery of the neuropeptide oxytocin. In contrast, participants with higher levels of xenophobia failed to exhibit altruism toward the outgroup. This tendency was countered by pairing oxytocin with peer-derived altruistic norms, resulting in a 74% increase in refugee-directed donations.”

Ontario workers have little to celebrate this Labour Day

Labour Day is a time when we celebrate workers. Unfortunately, over the past three years, Ontarians have had little to cheer about the province’s labour market.

Hezbollah chief urges recapture of Mt. Dov from Israel

“We call on the state to devise a plan and take a sovereign decision to liberate the Shebaa Farms and the Kfarshouba Hills,” Hassan Nasrallah told thousands of his supporters in a televised speech

Frat Retreat Cut Short After Discarded Banana Peel Sparks Day-Long Race Discussion

A colligate Greek life retreat was cut short after students discovered a discarded banana peel lying atop a tree — which was taken by some as an offensive act relating to race.

A report by the Daily Mississippian, picked up by Alex Griswold, details the events that transpired after the initial banana drama — including a group discussion on racism during which one student came-out as the fruit-tossing culprit. However, this confession was not enough to calm the disturbed hearts and minds of aggrieved students, as some of these victims reportedly exited the meeting in tears, citing that they no longer felt “welcome” or “safe.” The remainder of the trip was officially cancelled after this emotionally-charged convening.

The culprit of the traumatic incident expressed regret for his actions, telling the campus newspaper “there is no excuse.” Student Ryan Swanson’s inability to find a trashcan acted as the catalyst for this now-national news event.

“Although unintentional, there is no excuse for the pain that was caused to members of our community… I have much to learn and look forward to doing such and encourage all members of our university community to do the same. We must all keep in mind how our actions affect those around us differently,” said banana-tossing perpetrator Swanson to the Daily Mississippian.

Why France Turned a Blind Eye to the Murder of Sarah Halimi

Almost five months ago, on April 4, a 65-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman called Lucette Attal-Halimi and known by her Hebrew name, Sarah Halimi — a retired doctor and the head of a kindergarten — was attacked in the middle of the night at her home on Vaucouleurs Street, in Paris’ 11th arrondissement, apparently tortured to death and finally thrown out of a third-floor window.

This horrific crime is now turning into a serious judicial and even political issue in France — so much so that President Emmanuel Macron insisted in a public speech on July 16, on the 75th anniversary of the Nazi-ordered round-up of thousands of Parisian Jews, that “the judiciary must shed full light” on the case.

Which was a bold move, since the judges are supposed under French law to be independent from the executive. According to Jean-Alex Buchinger, the lawyer representing Sarah Halimi’s children, “such a statement is indicative, at the very least, of a very troubled situation”.

In order to understand what is at stake, one must go back to the events of April 4.

At 4am, Kobili Traore, a 27-year-old of Malian Muslim descent living one floor below Sarah Halimi, went to the flat of an older relative, Diara Traore, on the third floor of the adjoining building on 30 Vaucouleurs Street. Kobili’s behaviour was clearly problematic, since Diara Traore locked himself, his wife and children in one of the apartment’s rooms and called the police at 4.25am.

Three minutes later, a unit of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) — who happened to be patrolling the area — took up position in front of Diara’s door. They heard Kobili Traore chanting Muslim prayers and Koranic verses. Unsure about the situation and the potential threats to the family, they asked for reinforcements. Additional policemen arrived quickly. However, for some unclear reason, the BAC unit still refrained from breaking in.

In the meantime, Kobili Traore put on new clothes and climbed out of the window to reach Sarah Halimi’s apartment, which was at the same level as Diara Traore’s. He allegedly assaulted the Jewish woman and hit her mercilessly. From time to time he resumed Koranic recitation. Many neighbours, woken by the old woman’s screams or the assaulter’s religious chanting, called the police.

Some gave details about the exact location of the assault, the attacker’s identity, the fact he vilified his victim as a Jewish person and as “a Satan” while hitting her, or even — as far as the Muslim neighbours were concerned — the Koranic portions he chanted.

Yet the police still failed to storm Sarah Halimi’s apartment and rescue her. Eventually, Kobili Traore is claimed to have shouted that the woman was “mad and about to commit suicide” and thrown her out of the window.

He had time enough to climb back to Diara Traore’s apartment where he finally was arrested. His hands were covered in blood. There was blood everywhere in his victim’s apartment.

The behaviour of the police was strange enough throughout this tragic night. Further questions were soon to be raised about the handling of the case. 

SPLC Warns of ‘Turmoil and Bloodshed’ With New Map Identifying Confederate Monuments, Cities, MIDDLE SCHOOLS

Most dangerous of all, the map lists dozens of schools, including: Jeff Davis Middle School in Hazlehurst, Ga.; Lee Elementary School in Tulsa, Okla.; Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Columbia, Mo.; J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School in Richmond, Va.; Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Petersburg, Va.; and Stonewall Jackson Elementary School in Bristol, Ga.

This listing of schools is utterly vile behavior, given the SPLC’s track record of inspiring politically motivated violence.

The SPLC’s “hate map,” a similar graphic to the Confederate map, inspired a terror attack in 2012. That summer, Floyd Lee Corkins III broke into the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C., aiming to murder everyone in the building. In February 2013, Corkins pled guilty to committing an act of terrorism and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. During an FBI interrogation, the shooter said he targeted FRC because it was listed as an “anti-gay group” on the SPLC website.

He got the address from an SPLC “hate map.”