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Egypt: Remnants of a Jewish past

Egypt’s Jewish community — some 80,000 strong in the early twentieth century and now consisting of a few dozen elderly women — is dying out.

Salman Rushdie fatwa granted new life in Iran video game

In the world’s best known religious fatwa, Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Khomeini sentenced Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie to death, twenty-three years ago.

Now, his ruling is being preserved for posterity as a video game.

“The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of his Verdict” is a computer game in development by the Islam Association of Students, a government-sponsored organization. Finalizing the initial stages of development this week, the game aims to tell Iran’s next generation of gamers about Rushdie’s “sin” of blasphemy.

U.S. grants Iran sanctions exceptions to China

“……the Administration has granted a free pass to Iran’s biggest enabler….”

François Hollande’s secret service agents ‘forgot to pack their guns’

In a highly embarrassing Inspector Clouseau-style blunder, the presidential guards from the elite GSPR unit only realised the guns were absent upon arrival at Rio de Janeiro Airport.

They usually travel with a secured briefcase containing an array of firearms. But when they sought to present the weapons to customs officials, they were nowhere to be seen.

“They searched the (presidential) Airbus with a fine tooth comb, to no avail,” according to French satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné. It later transpired the guns had been left at the Elysée Palace in Paris.

This meant that for the duration of the trip, the bodyguards’ only means of protecting the French president were their “bare hands”.

Report: Obama better equipped to handle alien invasion than Romney

Forget the economy, defense and immigration, if you want a president who can handle an alien invasion, Barack Obama is your man.

According to a poll released by the National Geographic Channel, 65 percent of Americans surveyed believe that President Obama would be more equipped to handle an alien invasion than Mitt Romney. Obama won 68 percent of the alien-fearing female vote, and 61 percent of men.

‘Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies’

Only slightly better 😉