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Egypt: Remnants of a Jewish past

Egypt’s Jewish community — some 80,000 strong in the early twentieth century and now consisting of a few dozen elderly women — is dying out.

Salman Rushdie fatwa granted new life in Iran video game

In the world’s best known religious fatwa, Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Khomeini sentenced Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie to death, twenty-three years ago.

Now, his ruling is being preserved for posterity as a video game.

“The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of his Verdict” is a computer game in development by the Islam Association of Students, a government-sponsored organization. Finalizing the initial stages of development this week, the game aims to tell Iran’s next generation of gamers about Rushdie’s “sin” of blasphemy.

U.S. grants Iran sanctions exceptions to China

“……the Administration has granted a free pass to Iran’s biggest enabler….”

François Hollande’s secret service agents ‘forgot to pack their guns’

In a highly embarrassing Inspector Clouseau-style blunder, the presidential guards from the elite GSPR unit only realised the guns were absent upon arrival at Rio de Janeiro Airport.

They usually travel with a secured briefcase containing an array of firearms. But when they sought to present the weapons to customs officials, they were nowhere to be seen.

“They searched the (presidential) Airbus with a fine tooth comb, to no avail,” according to French satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné. It later transpired the guns had been left at the Elysée Palace in Paris.

This meant that for the duration of the trip, the bodyguards’ only means of protecting the French president were their “bare hands”.

Report: Obama better equipped to handle alien invasion than Romney

Forget the economy, defense and immigration, if you want a president who can handle an alien invasion, Barack Obama is your man.

According to a poll released by the National Geographic Channel, 65 percent of Americans surveyed believe that President Obama would be more equipped to handle an alien invasion than Mitt Romney. Obama won 68 percent of the alien-fearing female vote, and 61 percent of men.

‘Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies’

Only slightly better 😉

Post-Nazi art therapy comes to Kabul

An art exhibition that began as an attempt to heal Germany after the horrors of Nazi rule and World War II is now being replicated in Afghanistan.

“Documenta” arose from the ruins of the bombed-out German city of Kassel as artists sought to reconnect West Germany, as it then was, with movements of contemporary culture banned under Adolf Hitler’s murderous 1933-45 regime.

The show has been held every five years since 1955 but is now making its international debut with a month-long exhibition in Kabul, which opened last week.

Death Sentence Marks Latest Battle in Iran’s Culture War

For the first time, the Iranian judiciary issued a death sentence to two men for drinking alcohol, a crime typically punished by fines or flogging.

Hamas member mysteriously killed in Damascus

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Taliban says no to polio vaccination in Pakistan

Mohammad Rafiq, the UNICEF’s focal person for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal areas, said an estimated 80,000 children would suffer if the anti-polio campaign was stopped in South Waziristan.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Sued For “Conspiring With Al-Qaeda”

“A man who holds the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Most Litigious Man” is at it again.

Jonathan Lee Riches, who has filed over 5,000 lawsuits in the past eight years, filed his latest against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Northern District of West Virginia on June 21, claims that he and all American citizens are an eminent danger and bodily harm from the defendants.

The lawsuit, which also names Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, claims that all of the defendants are “terrorists.”

“On 6/17/2012 I was in West Virginia, deep in the hills and I stumbled upon the defendants who were all at a Al-Qaeda secret training camp,” Riches wrote in his latest frivolous lawsuit.

Riches, who filed the lawsuit under the alias Gino Romano, claims that the Kardashian’s and Kanye West pleaded their allegiance to Al-Qaeda, burned the U.S. flag and stomped their feet on Barack Obama’s picture.

The lawsuit claims that Kanye West then performed a concert for all Al-Qaeda members and shot AK-47s in the air.

Riches, who was recently released from prison for fraud, also claims that Kanye West is now the new leader of notorious Chicago Street gang, the El-Rukns.”


“The Zionists are in firm control of the illegal drug trade”

Iran’s vice president delivered a baldly anti-Semitic speech on Tuesday at an international antidrug conference here, saying that the Talmud, a central text of Judaism, was responsible for the spread of illegal drugs around the world.

European diplomats in attendance expressed shock. Even Iranian participants in the conference, co-sponsored by Iran and the United Nations, privately wondered at their government’s motive for allowing such a speech, even given its longstanding antagonism toward Israel. More than 25,000 Jews live in Iran, and they are recognized as a religious minority, with a representative in Parliament.

The speech by Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi seemed bound to isolate Iran further just days before a new set of onerous Western economic sanctions, notably a European embargo on Iranian oil, is set to be enforced because of the longstanding dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran says the program is peaceful, and Western nations and Israel suspect it is a cover to develop the ability to make nuclear weapons.

Mr. Rahimi, second in line to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said the Talmud teaches to “destroy everyone who opposes the Jews.”

Mahmoud Abbas names street in Bethlehem after Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “at a bit of a loss” that a street was named after him in Bethlehem, revered by Christians as the birthplace of Jesus.

Putin spoke in Jordan as he wrapped up his Middle East tour, which included a stop in Bethlehem in the West Bank and talks with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas who ordered a street to be named after his guest.

“I would like to live a bit longer,” Putin quipped, referring to a European tradition according to which streets are named after the deceased.

“It was absolutely unexpected to me,” he told reporters in the Jordan Valley, the last stop of his two-day tour, which included a visit to Israel and talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

“To be honest, I am at a bit of loss but there’s nothing you could do,” he said, indicating he did not want to protest so as not to offend his host.

After Putin’s predecessor in the Kremlin, Dmitry Medvedev, travelled to Jericho in the West Bank last year a decision was made to name a street after him.


Neturei Karta lunatics desecrate Yad Vashem

Four suspects from Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Ashdod are under arrest on suspicion of spray-painting hate slogans on the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, Ammunition Hill and other landmark monuments over the last couple months, police announced Tuesday morning.

The arrests were carried out by the elite central unit of the Judea and Samaria district. Police searched the homes of suspects and seized large amounts of texts condemning Zionism, Israel, and PLO flags, as well as paint. Texts suspected to be incitement to hatred were also found on computers.

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Why are only the Palestinians considered ‘refugees’?

The U.S. Congress has approached the U.N. looking for an explanation as to why only the Palestinians have been allowed to pass on the status of refugees from generation to generation.

Alawite fortress and Sunni wasteland in Syria’s Homs

The view from the rooftops makes the balance of power clear. In some neighbourhoods, cars and people scurry about. In others, only the scarred shells of empty homes remain.

Good morning! New Egyptian president says peace treaty with Israel to be reviewed

He also says he’d like to expand ties with Tehran to create strategic ‘balance’ in region.

Good times ahead.

‘Plus-Size Friendly’ Gym Bans Skinny People

As anybody with a gym ID mouldering in their wallet, purse or glove compartment can tell you, there are a lot of obstacles to going to the gym regularly. There’s just not enough time in the day. Gyms are just too expensive. There’s that Real Housewives marathon on Bravo. And then there’s one of the hardest reasons to admit: what if your gym just has too many skinny, healthy people in it?

Video: Egypt’s new president

All hail the Arab Spring.

Adopt a Syrian rebel

For just $1 a day, you too can help a Syrian rebel oust President Bashar al-Assad.

People say these dogs are ugly


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Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army

Saudi officials are preparing to pay the salaries of the Free Syria Army as a means of encouraging mass defections from the military and increasing pressure on the Assad regime, the Guardian has learned.

The move, which has been discussed between Riyadh and senior officials in the US and Arab world, is believed to be gaining momentum as a recent flush of weapons sent to rebel forces by Saudi Arabia and Qatar starts to make an impact on battlefields in Syria.

Officials in the Saudi capital embraced the idea when it was put to them by Arab officials in May, according to sources in three Arab states, around the same time that weapons started to flow across the southern Turkish border into the hands of Free Syria Army leaders.

Turkey has also allowed the establishment of a command centre in Istanbul which is co-ordinating supply lines in consultation with FSA leaders inside Syria. The centre is believed to be staffed by up to 22 people, most of them Syrian nationals.


Egypt army talks tough as Tahrir protests

Cairo’s Tahrir Square relived its glory days of the revolution on Friday as tens of thousands of flag-waving protesters called on the Egyptian army to relinquish power, in defiance of a stern communiqué from the generals criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Journalism! CBC reports there were no rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel in the past year

Even their correction was dishonest.

This pencil sharpener cost the Toronto District School Board $143 to install

Here’s what taxpayers were charged for work done at Toronto public schools:

Installing a $17 pencil sharpener: $143 to put in four screws.

The installation of a sign on a school’s front lawn: $19,000

An electrical outlet on the wall in a school library: $3,000

A “breakfast club” kitchen: $250,000

When the librarian at the electrical outlet school saw the bill she hit the roof, wondering at “the number of books that could have been purchased with $3000.”

A Star investigation has found examples of charges that are out of whack with the amount of work done. The work in question was carried out by some of the 900-strong maintenance and construction trades people who have an exclusive contract with the Toronto District School Board. In the case of the electrical plug, the job took four hours, but taxpayers were billed 76 hours, which sources say was done to account for the time of idle workers who had no assignments that week.

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Gaza terrorists fired 65 rockets at Israel’s western Negev communities since Wednesday morning.

Hosni Mubarek only mostly dead


Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Gaza terrorists shell western Negev communities as over 40 Qassams, mortars hit area’s communities.

U.N. puts Canada on human rights watchlist over Quebec demo law

Canada will be put in the company of some of the world’s worst abusers of human rights tomorrow when the UN’s highest human rights official expresses “alarm” over Quebec’s new law on demonstrations during her opening address to a meeting of the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, revealed the Geneva-based monitoring group UN Watch, which obtained an advance copy of her speech. Other states on the UN watchlist include Syria, Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

“Moves to restrict freedom of assembly continue to alarm me, as is the case in the province of Quebec in Canada in the context of students’ protests,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay will say tomorrow, according to her draft speech.

The rights czar reserves her sharpest language for Canada. While Pillay cites only two other countries in the world for restrictions on freedom of assembly—expressing “concern” about Russia, and “deep concern” for Eritrea—only Canada provokes her far stronger “alarm.”

Is the Palestinian Authority Losing Control in the West Bank?

The security crackdown in the West Bank has nothing to do with combating terrorism. The arrests and confiscations of weapons are part of an effort by the Palestinian Authority to fight crime and dissension within its own ranks.

Musical Interlude: Radiohead – No Surprises

And now, the Karl Marx credit card

Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, some eastern Germans are once again carrying round images of Karl Marx – if only in their pockets.

The disappearance of communist former East Germany has not deterred them from using credit cards emblazoned with the image of the man who foretold the end of capitalism and the triumph of communism.

More than a third of customers at Sparkasse bank in Chemnitz opted for the picture of a bronze bust of the bearded 19th century German-born philosopher, bank spokesman Roger Wirtz said.

Marx’s stern face is depicted gazing towards the logo of Mastercard.

Blazing Cat Fur does it again!

The TDSB doesn’t know what its up against.



Coup d’état in Egypt

All hail the Arab Spring.

Fogel Murderer: It was an Adventure

“Amjad said that he had initiated the murder in Itamar. “I wanted to carry out a terror attack because I wanted to get rid of this life,” he said. “There were problems between me and the family. Two years ago my father used to ask me about the studies, and why I smoked, and he would constantly meddle in my personal matters, so I thought of committing suicide. The way I thought of doing this was to carry out a suicide attack in Itamar.”

Hakim also took credit for the initiative to murder. “We spoke about another subject, which is the adventure. When we spoke about the adventure, I suggested to Amjad the idea that we would reach the fence of Itamar. Amjad said ‘let it go.’ I said, ‘let’s do something that will be special. So that in the future each one of us will grow older and tell his children about it.”

Amjad described the murder thus: “I opened the shutter and a boy saw me. I closed the shutter. I came in through the main door which was open. Hakim remained at the door as a lookout. I took the first boy to the bedroom and I murdered him with two blows to the neck. I slaughtered him.”

He later told the interrogators about the murder of infant Hadas: “I forgot to tell about the baby who slept between the father and the mother and who cried out loud. I stabbed him in the heart and we went out the same way we entered.”

Read the whole thing.

Men should be allowed sex slaves and female prisoners could do the job

A Kuwaiti woman who once ran for parliament has called for sex slavery to be legalised – and suggested that non-Muslim prisoners from war-torn countries would make suitable concubines.

Montreal teacher suspended for showing video of Lin killing

A Montreal high school teacher has been suspended after he showed his class a video police believe depicts the graphic killing of Concordia University student Jun Lin.

The incident happened in a history and civics class on June 4 at Cavelier-de-LaSalle high school in the city’s southwest LaSalle borough, according to the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board (CSMB).

The school board said the teacher was suspended that afternoon.

“The [CSMB] and the administration of Cavelier-de-LaSalle school unanimously condemn the actions of [the] teacher who made his students watch a video with content that is inappropriate and offensive,” the board said in a statement released today.

Video: Another delicious Euroweenie takedown by Nigel Farage

Video: “Palestinian” puppet show: Hey kids, instead of smoking, go kill some Jews

Jewish 16-year-old branded in Norway attack

A 16-year-old Jewish student was branded with a red-hot coin at a school barbecue on Monday in Oslo, Norway, the Simon Wiesenthal Center reported on Wednesday.

According to Jewish-Danish website, the perpetrator of the attack, an ethnic Norwegian student, pressed the hot coin into the back of the victim’s neck, resulting in visible burning. School officials did not contact the family after the incident.

The student has reportedly been the target of repeated anti-Semitic bullying and violence because his father is Israeli. He said he planned to hide his Jewish identity when he transfers to a new school and would not associate with ethnic Norwegians or Muslims, the main sources of the bullying.

World Food Prize goes to Israeli researcher’s work on irrigation

For decades, scientist Daniel Hillel toiled on a radical new way to bring water to crops in dry regions throughout the Middle East and around the world. At first, Hillel garnered little public attention for his work that improved food yields and maximized water use by farmers, but that changed on Tuesday after he was announced as the 2012 recipient of the prestigious World Food Prize.

Hungarian far-right politician certified as ‘free of Jewish and Roma’ genes

Officials in Hungary united this week to condemn ongoing ethnic violence and anti-Semitic attacks, including an assault on the former Chief Rabbi on 5 June. But a cause for further soul-searching has emerged: a scientific scandal recalling discredited notions of racial purity.

Hungary’s Medical Research Council (ETT), which advises the government on health policy, has asked public prosecutors to investigate a genetic-diagnostic company that certified that a member of parliament did not have Roma or Jewish heritage.

The MP in question is a member of the far-right Jobbik party, which won 17% of the votes in the general election of April 2010. He apparently requested the certificate from the firm Nagy Gén Diagnostic and Research, which rents office space at the prestigious Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. The company produced the document in September 2010, a few weeks before local elections.


It’s what they don’t tell you………

Kindergarten in Gaza

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Syria: US accuses Russia of sending attack helicopters

The crisis in Syria has deepened as the US accused Russia of sending attack helicopters that could be used by President Bashar al-Assad to help crush the rebellion against his regime.

On the day that a senior UN official declared Syria was in a state of civil war, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, warned in Washington that the Russian aircraft would “escalate the conflict quite dramatically“.

The Last Days of Jews in the Islamicized Europe

A few days ago, security guards were patrolling the streets near Rome’s Jewish school with metal detectors, searching for possible explosive devices. Rome’s largest synagogue, one of the oldest in the world, today looks like a military outpost, with private guards and policemen at every corner. The Jewish school is also a “sterilized area,” protected by bodyguards and cameras, the windows plumbed with iron grates. I saw the same in the Jewish homes of Hebron and in the schools of Sderot, the Israeli city bombed by Hamas.

The March attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse, which resembled that of Itamar (when an Israeli father, mother and three children were slaughtered in their beds by a Palestinian commando), triggered “an explosion” of anti-Semitic attacks across France. According with the Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, more than 90 anti-Semitic incidents took place in France only in the 10 days that followed the shooting, which left four people dead. In total, 148 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in March and April. It’s an anti-Semithic pandemonium totally silenced by the European media.

Anti-Semitism raises again its head in estern Europe. During the Holocaust, Europe dispatched its Jews to the gas chambers. Seventy years later, in the welfarist, multicultural and semi-Islamicized Europe, Jews have again come under attack.

The man who will lead Syria?

Abdulbaset Sieda.

Man Writing Book on Kindness Shot in Montana

A West Virginia man who told authorities he was hitchhiking across the country and writing a memoir about kindness was injured in a seemingly random drive-by shooting near Montana’s booming Bakken oil patch.

Ray Dolin, 39, was shot in the arm as he approached a pickup Saturday evening, thinking the driver was offering him a ride, said Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier.

The freelance photographer, who runs a business called OneShot Impressions, was injured about three miles west of the town of Glasgow, along rural U.S. Highway 2, a major route into and out of the oil patch.

A 52-year-old man from Washington state, Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, was arrested about four hours later near Culbertson. Authorities said Danielson was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They released no motive in the shooting.

“He was sitting down to have a little lunch and this guy drives up. He thought he was going to give him a ride and as he approached the vehicle, the guy pulls out his weapon and shoots him. It’s as simple as that,” Meier said.