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Video: Therapy llamas visit old folks

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Deplores Antisemitic Propaganda and Incitement to Violent Conflict in Toronto Arabic Newspaper


“The unyielding fortitude and victory that Gaza achieved would not have materialized without the unconstrained help of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, who provided weaponry, rockets, training and financing. . .”

– Translated excerpt of a column by ‘Meshwar’ editor Dr. Nazih Khataba in the November 30 issues of the Toronto newspaper

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Dec. 21, 2012) – Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) deplores the blatant antisemitism and unashamed cheering for the brutal regimes of Iran and Syria and the terror group Hezbollah by a Toronto Arabic newspaper. Dr. Nazih Khataba, the editor of ‘Meshwar’ and author of the column advocating the destruction of Israel and the promotion of Nazi-like antisemitic stereotypes, is also a board member of Palestine House.

“We are horrified, saddened and alarmed by the antisemitic hate dripping from this column and the three cartoons depicting Jews in a manner that could only have been inspired by a reverence for Hitler and the Final Solution,” explained FSWC President and CEO Avi Benlolo. “We are stunned that this filthy propaganda is being freely promoted to Toronto’s Arabic speaking population and will be following up with the police regarding the overt hatred and incitement to violence in this column,” he added.

To read more about this story go to:

An Evening with the great Dr. Mordechai Kedar

“Join us for a thought-provoking lecture with Dr. Mordechai Kedar.

Mordechai Kedar is an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Arabic from Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Kedar is an academic expert on the Israeli Arab population. He served for twenty-five years in IDF Military Intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic press and mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena.”

Lying, Jew hatin’ “journalist”, Robert Fisk, on Canada-wide tour


Event listings here. Background on the cockroach here.

End of Free College for Terrorists in Israel

Good frickin’ thinking:

“The High Court ruled Tuesday that terrorist security prisoners were not eligible for free university education in Israeli schools. The permission and assistance extended to prisoners convicted of criminal activities that supplies them with free courses and degree programs at Israel’s Open University does not apply to prisoners convicted of terror activities, the court ruled.

The ruling came in response to a lawsuit by three terrorist prisoners who claimed they were being discriminated against because prison authorities refused to enroll them in an Open University program and pay their tuition.”

Another disgusting film ready to hurt Muslims’ sentiments!

Film review, Muslim style:

“The hatred for Islam and its followers seems boundless in some mentally-ill people and they find new ways to hurt the sentiments of Muslims every now and then as a new group of conspirators is all set to release another blasphemous movie against peaceful religion Islam and its Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

This time these mentally-ill people are using the land of Spain, once center of Islam, and have produced another disgusting anti-Islam film just after few months the first anti-Islam film was released on youtube and sparked violent protests in the Muslim countries across the globe.

The filmmaker of the new pathetic anti-Islam movie belongs to Pakistan but is living in Spain as a refugee and carrying out his evil activities against Islam. The filmmaker, Imran Firasat, informed media that Spanish authorities have delayed the release of the new anti-Islam film which was due to be released on December 14. However, the conspirator did not tell when it would be released.

The new pathetic anti-Islam film is of 70 minutes and is said to be similar in spirit to the first 14-minute anti-Islam film that sparked protest throughout the Islamic world in September.

The new disgusting film is expected to enflame Muslim sensitivities once again, which may explain why Spanish authorities are supposedly thinking to revoke Firasat’s refugee status if he releases the film.

The filmmaker “rightfully” fears for his life if he returns to his Muslim homeland, Pakistan, so he said that he is giving the Spanish authorities a special preview to prove his work’s allegedly broadminded take on Islam.

“Who says that my movie is provocative?” the filmmaker said, who runs the Mundo sin Islam (World without Islam) organization.

“My purpose behind making this movie is to express my view on Islam as an ex-Muslim. I never had and will not have [the] intention to hurt someone’s feelings. Instead of stopping me, the world should give suggestions to Muslims that you guys stop creating the violent game over small excuses,” he added.

But the world and the conspirator himself know that his shameful blasphemy will add fuel to the flame that’s why Belgium preemptively issued a terror warning in advance of its planned release on December 14. Similarly, Australian troops were also put on the alert for fresh film-related protest activity.

The new anti-Islam film’s trailer has been released on youtube in several languages.

Firasat’s project is a collaborative effort with Quran-burning by US Christian pastor Terry Jones as it seems that mentally-ill people are joining hands together in Islam enmity and working against the Muslims to provoke them.

Jones in his disgusting moves wore an “Islam Is A Bully” T-shirt and advertised the film.”


The Brothers and the Gulf

As tensions mount in Cairo over the Muslim Brotherhood’s erratic political decisions, the Brotherhood is also trying to navigate suspicion about its motives from oil-rich countries in the Gulf.

In particular, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as one of the Brotherhood’s primary antagonists: Relations have deteriorated so much that a senior Brotherhood leader recently accused the UAE, hometo more than 300,000 Egyptians, of “financing the opposition” in Egypt.

Emiratis first encountered the Muslim Brotherhood even before they had a country of their own. The UAE, along with the other states in the Arab Gulf, initially welcomed Muslim Brotherhood members fleeing Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s persecution in the 1950s and 1960s. The Brothers flourished in the UAE: They were educated, professional, and upwardly mobile individuals who gained employment in various public and private posts, including the judicial and education sector. The UAE achieved independence in 1971, and three years later UAE nationals influenced by these new arrivals officially founded the UAE chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood, known as Al Islah (“Reform”).

But Al Islah soon ran afoul of the UAE government: According to one former member, it drifted away from its stated, benign activities of “sports, culture, charitable work, and social activities” and into political activities. By the early 1990s, the UAE’s judicial and education sector was effectively a state within a state: The Brotherhood would make sure that those who qualified for educational scholarships and grants were either Brotherhood members, affiliates, or sympathizers. Within a short period, the student councils and professional associations — such as the jurist and teachers union — were turned into Muslim Brotherhood outposts dedicated to advancing their interests.

In 2006, the UAE started reassigning Al Islah members who worked in the education field to other posts — a move to decrease their influence on young Emiratis. Since the Brotherhood members were no longer in a position to pick scholarship awardees, they attempted to set up UAE student councils in countries as far afield as Australia to recruit new members. The emergence of a moderately Islamist government in Turkey also offered Al Islah members an ideal location to connect with Brotherhood members across the Middle East. Some meetings were held under the auspices of Western governments and associations, prompting the UAE to shut down a number of NGOs and think tanks.

In the past year, relations have gone from bad to worse. The UAE launched a nationwide crackdown against Al Islah, detaining scores of its members and affiliates and going so far as to accuse it of setting up an “armed wing” in the country. At the heart of the UAE’s hostility to the Muslim Brotherhood is the fear that — unlike home grown parties or blocs — the group believes that its allegiance to a transnational Islamist network, headed by the supreme guide, trumps allegiance to the nation-state.

No Easy Route if Assad Opts to Go, or to Stay, in Syria


From his hilltop, Mr. Assad can gaze toward several possible futures.

East of the palace lies the airport and a possible dash to exile, a route that some say Mr. Assad’s mother and wife may have already taken. But the way is blocked, not just by bands of rebels, but by a belief that supporters say Mr. Assad shares with his advisers that fleeing would betray both his country and his father’s legacy.

He can stay in Damascus and cling to — even die for — his father’s aspirations, to impose a secular Syrian order and act as a pan-Arab leader on a regional and global stage.

Or he can head north to the coastal mountain heartland of his minority Alawite sect, ceding the rest of the country to the uprising led by the Sunni Muslim majority. That would mean a dramatic comedown: reverting to the smaller stature of his grandfather, a tribal leader of a marginalized minority concerned mainly with its own survival.

Iran warns Canada against becoming a safe haven for terrorists

“While seriously warning Canada against becoming a safe haven for terrorists and the repercussions of such an attitude for the security of the Canadian society, the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes that the irresponsible measure of the current Canadian government goes against the country’s responsibility to protect the security of Iranian citizens residing in Canada and the properties of the Islamic Republic of Iran against any violent and terrorist action by the group’s elements on Canadian soil.”


Ethnic cleansing in the Middle East



Merry Christmas!


Attempted Jew massacre of the day


Gaza terrorists attempted to fire a rocket at Israel on Sunday.

The Kassam missile landed in an open area in the Gaza Strip, causing no injuries or damage, the IDF Spokesman’s Office said.

The rocket fire is a breach of the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire signed by Hamas on November 21 ending Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense. As part of the deal, Hamas agreed to halt its own fire and rein in other terror groups.

Offended jackass of the day

Kalina Christoff

Kalina Christoff


“It was meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun — a Gangnam Style parody set in Sunnybrook hospital’s maternity ward.

With lines like “Hey, pregnant ladies,” and “Hey, catching babies,” the obstetrics and gynecology wing staff bounced around with forceps and a fake baby.

But it wasn’t fun and games for everyone — Kalina Christoff, founder of Humanize Birth, an organization that advocates for “an increase in women having positive, empowered births,” took offense to several lines in the video and criticized the hospital for posting it on their official YouTube channel.

“Those that are offended tend to perceive a sense of attempt to control their bodies on the part of obstetricians during birth,” she said. “There are several segments where the jokes are about how an obstetrician walks in the room, the woman’s sexual organs start behaving . . . There’s the suggestion that the woman’s anatomy. . . (is) controlled by the obstetricians during the birth.”

“For example a line says ‘no matter what, we’ll deliver your baby’ — a lot of women take offense to that because they deliver their babies,” she said.”

Holocaust of the Heads: Never Again! says persecuted pot putz


“The two greatest cultures on Earth that have done most to enhance the lives of people of the planet in the last 100 or so years are the Jewish culture and the cannabis culture, two historically demonized and persecuted peoples.”

Lawfare terrorism: Filthy Canadian Islamonazis trying to silence The Fur

christmas banner1

“As we’ve known for some time, Canadian Muslims have been putting together a lawfare case designed to silence my husband’s blog, BlazingCatFur.

Now they’ve admitted this online at a Khomenist site, asking for donations to support The Man Who Is Suing Us in separate actions related to Canada’s Human Rights Commissions.

They specifically say they are targeting my husband because he is a “Zionist.”

Islamophobic drag queen performance in Toronto

Very very upset: Social worker Rahim Thawer left the club in tears

Very very upset: Social worker Rahim Thawer left the club in tears

A burka, flames and a dynamite-stick corset are just as much a part of this drag queen’s set as the lipstick, wigs and eyelashes. But she’s not making any excuses — or apologies.
Donnarama, one of Toronto’s most popular drag performers, is under fire for a Dec 16 Woody’s performance some are calling Islamophobic. The routine, which the entertainer has been performing since at least 2009, has the gay community divided on the line between artistic expression and racism.
“As an artist I regret nothing, as a person I want to communicate,” Donnarama wrote in an email chat Dec 19. “I usually take great pride in my creations . . . But I’m not happy about this, upsetting people is not my intention.”
One of those she upset is 27-year-old social worker Rahim Thawer, who brought the performance to light.
On the night of Dec 16, Thawer wanted to end an average weekend on a high. Attending a Church Street drag show seemed the perfect option. But the Donnarama performance was not what he was looking for. “I’m very aware of the drag world and the way it uses race in different ways,” Thawer says. “But nothing has been quite so appalling.”

The Jewish Defence League will have a Protest against the Justin Trudeau Speech at the Pro Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Conference

JDL Logo.jpg

Saturday, December 22 @ 7pm. Click here for details.

Breaking: Joooooooish death squads responsible for Connecticut massacre!


Well that didn’t take long…….

Joshua Blakeney Hijab-ifies Aboriginal Women


The thing about Iran’s mouthpiece in Canada — Press TV “Calgary correspondent Joshua Blakeney — is that you really can’t take your eyes off him for even a minute without him doing or saying something absolutely ridiculous.

Such was the case this past Monday, when Press TV aired a report alleging that Alberta Human Serivces — the branch of the government that deals with child welfare — is essentially engaging in human trafficking, and is allegedly using RCMP anti-terrorism units to seize children. One woman featured in the report claims that her child was taken from her by 32 armed officers.
View slideshow: Josh Blakeney Hijab-ifies aboriginal women

Now, if such a thing were really happening, one would expect Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada, to be aware of it. She isn’t. “I have never heard of that,” she declared. “Never heard of that.”

Keep in mind that Blackstock is hardly the sort of individual likely to simply go along with the government. Earlier this year she was involved with winning a victory for First Nations communities that forced the federal government to hold a hearing on child welfare on First Nations reserves.

So it’s clear: whether a person is predisposed to agree with her or not, Cindy Blackstock is a staunch advocate for First Nations in Canada. So if anything like what Blakeney is describing in his Press TV “report” were actually happening, not only would she be among the very first to hear about it, she wouldn’t be quiet about it either.

So instantly a “reporter” who tends to run razor-thin on credibility is running a lot thinner than usual. Then comes something of a rather-disturbing punchline: the two aboriginal women who appear in Blakeney’s story both appear with their faces wrapped in garb that very closely resembles a hijab — with their entire faces covered except for their eyes.

That’s a rather stunning detail to show up in a “news story” produced by an individual whose actual activities in Canada amount to producing Iranian state propaganda in Canada. For the benefit of Iran’s Islamofascist government, Blakeney has ostensibly dressed these women in hijabs. Just like all women in Iran — one of the most oppressive places in the world to be a woman — are legally required to do.

Absolutely stunning.


Christmas message from the mayor of Bethlehem

In a silent and unique night that held the tidings of a glorious event, Jesus Christ was born in the manger of a humble grotto in the town of Bethlehem.

The prophecy was fulfilled “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel,” which means “God is with us.”

In the Christmas season we unite our prayers for peace and justice in Palestine and in the whole world. This year we pray for our brothers in Gaza who suffer from humiliation, hunger, sickness and homelessness as a result of the continuous Israeli aggression on their houses and lands.

This month we commemorate our Lord’s Nativity, and the international recognition of our long awaited state of Palestine in the historical voting at the General Assembly of the United Nations. This victory, of obtaining a birth certificate for our state, represents an earnest step towards achieving peace in the Middle East and international legitimacy.

And we proudly celebrate UNESCO’s decision of inscribing the Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrim’s Route on the World Heritage List, which is a source of pride and celebration for every Bethlehemite and Palestinian alike, and a confirmation of our national Palestinian identity.

I seize this opportunity to extend a sincere invitation for all people of good will to visit Bethlehem, and I warmly welcome visitors from all corners of the world, who came this year to share with us the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ in the heart of our holy town.

I hope they would sense the holiness and authenticity of Bethlehem while wandering in its streets and corners, and experience the warmth of its citizens’ hospitality. I urge our families in the Arab world to visit our holy places in solidarity with the people and against the Israeli occupation.


By all indications, these days Nasrallah is sweating bullets under his turban


In the wake of Operation Pillar of Defense, observers in Israel and abroad noted that the main loser was Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, whose political fortunes, it was said, dimmed as those of Hamas brightened.

However this assessment overlooks the impact of the operation on Hassan Nasrallah and his Hezbollah organization in Lebanon. By all indications, these days Nasrallah is sweating bullets under his turban.

And now, the Wikileaks political party

Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has revealed his intention to run for a Senate seat in the 2013 Australian federal election. Assange, 41, said plans to set up a WikiLeaks political party were “significantly advanced” and had received support from a number of “worthy people” in his home country.

In an interview with Fairfax Media, he said his party would promote openness in government and politics and combat growing intrusions on individual privacy. He said he would be eligible to register as an overseas voter in either New South Wales or Victoria and would shortly take a “strategic decision” about which state he would contest.

Assange, who was born in Queensland, has been holed up inside Ecuador’s embassy in London since June in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden for questioning over rape and sexual assault allegations. He has stated he would happily go to Stockholm, providing the Swedish government guaranteed he would not be extradited on to the US.

The WikiLeaks party would require 500 members listed on the electoral roll for it to be registered with Australia’s electoral commission. If Assange is elected but unable to return to Australia to take up his position, a nominee would occupy a Senate seat.


“I get paid one Saudi riyal a year,” says Prince Alwaleed


“My salary is actually very reasonable. I get paid SAR1 a year, and also I charge Kingdom Holding SAR1 a year to lease this floor at Kingdom Centre. So in six years since going public, I have earned just SAR12”.

Blazingcatfur Legal Defense Fund Raising Drive

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“As many of you are aware my legal tussle, the fallout from our victory over Section 13 (1), with Richard Warman continues. Warman is suing for libel, largely for comments made by multiple readers. Trial is approaching in the New Year and anticipated costs will be be very significant, as in several 10’s of thousands.”

Iran arrests 28 over links to religious networks


Tehran’s chief prosecutor says authorities have arrested 28 Iranians for alleged links to foreign-based TV networks advocating the Baha’i religion, which is banned in the Islamic Republic.

A Tuesday report by semi-official Mehr news agency quotes Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi as saying intelligence officers arrested the members of “counterrevolutionary networks” in 10 buildings across the city of Tehran.

The detainees were in close contact with TV networks that advocate the Baha’i faith, Dowlatabadi said.

Baha’i practitioners are frequently prosecuted in Iran, prompting outcry among international human rights groups.

The Iranian government banned the Baha’i religion after 1979, when Islamic clerics came to power. It was founded in the 1860s by Baha’u’llah, a Persian nobleman considered a prophet by the Baha’is. Islam considers Muhammad the final prophet.


Boycott this: Israeli Scientists Freeze Tumors in New Breast Cancer Treatment


Israeli scientists have developed a new technique to treat breast cancer and it is being used in trials already. The method employs a supercooled needle tip to repeatedly freeze then defrost tumors. This damages and ultimately kills the harmful tissue.

Zionist vulture spy of the day

Click the image.


The stench of Gaza


Gaza perfume named after M-75 missile.

Local cosmetics company decides to give new scent name of Hamas rocket fired at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, saying fragrance ‘is pleasant and attractive, like the missiles of the Palestinian resistance’

Petition: Arrest and charge Stephen Harper for treason


1367 morons signed:

“The ultimate goal of the U.S. government, with the aid of Stephen Harper, is to eliminate the Canadian government and all of Canada’s identities – our flag, our Canadian Dollar and even the name Canada. Harper knows that this is the long term goal of the United States corporate controlled government. Harper is aiding and abetting the government of the United States by secretly integrating (assimilating) all Canadian government and law enforcement agencies with their U.S. counterparts. Attempting to overthrow the government of Canada, spying for a foreign power, revealing state secrets, are considered in peacetime to constitute the crime of “treason”.”



Idiots of Mohawk Nation News make up a new word!:

“The bankers send their agents into a country, destroy it and steal their natural resources.  Whoever protests gets bombed, starved and economic sanctions, which is war.  This time the heavily armed high tech Israeli army could not defeat poor weaponless Palest’Indians.  They did not wait for someone to free them.  They freed themselves.  

They set the precedent.  Soon the beast will not be in charge. Canada, US and Israel now have to deal directly with us, the owners of the land and resources.” 

Muslim Brotherhood inherits U.S. war gear


For Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government, more battle tanks and jet fighters are on their way from the United States.

Cairo’s military link to Washington has remained intact, meaning the U.S. will continue to modernize the biggest military in Africa — even as President Mohammed Morsi has decreed near-absolute power for himself and his supporters and opponents battle outside his palace.

Analysts say Egypt’s military buildup presents risks for Washington — and Israel — with the growing influence of the Brotherhood, whose overriding goal is to establish Shariah, or Islamic, law worldwide.

Morsi Flees Presidential Palace as Egyptian Protesters Close In


Following news that protesters had broken through police lines en route to Mohamed Morsi’s presidential palace in Egypt, reports are now breaking that Morsi has fled the palace.

Al Jazeera Owner has Poet Jailed for Life for Insulting Him


Remember this the next time Tom Friedman or some other media talking head praises Al Jazeera and its tyrannical owner, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, for their commitment to openness or freedom of speech.

This is what openness looks like in the Qatari tyranny.

Inmates sue feds over feelings of ‘hopelessness’

A group of killers, thieves and rapists is suing the federal government for neglecting their feelings of “hopelessness” and inability to connect emotionally with other people while behind bars.

Five inmates at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary are suing the federal government, seeking $50,000 in damages, saying they’ve been inflicted with “nervous shock” because of a negligent justice system.

Among them is Harvey Andres, a motorcycle gang member convicted of rape and murder, who has tried multiple times to break out of prison.

Andres is believed to be the same man who in 2001 was convicted and handed his second life sentence for the 1982 sex slaying of 17-year-old Calgary girl Shirley Ann Johnston, who was raped and locked in a closet in her mother’s home before it was set ablaze.

Johnston at one time faced 21 additional sexual assault charges revolving around five women and one man — brought to light at the Johnston trial — though the Crown dropped them all in 2005, saying Andres was unlikely to ever get out of prison.

He was already serving a life sentence in Edmonton for the 1976 sex slaying of a B.C. woman in 1982 prior to the savage crimes in Calgary, when he escaped a maximum-security institution.

Andres is eligible to apply for parole in 2024, at the age of 76.

In a statement of claim, the thugs say they suffer sleep deprivation, have to “self-deaden in order to cope,” can’t “enjoy mutuality, connectivity and meaning making,” fear for their futures, are “overwhelmed with hopelessness and erosion of self worth,” and feel “incessant subtle anger over being unable to make fundamental and critical life choices.”

Mega-deal to put Israeli-made software on cash registers worldwide


The past week has seen one of this year’s biggest buyouts of an Israeli company by a large multinational: NCR, which makes checkout systems for retail, automated teller machines, and cash dispensers and the like, bought Israel-based Retalix, a provider of retail software and services, in a deal valued at about $650 million.

No Bol-shevik!

Toronto painter for hire.


Jew-hating UCC members pretending to be self-hating Jews

Those who have encountered the anti-Israel group called “Independent Jewish Voices” could be forgiven for understanding them to be a group of emotionally-unstable fanatics whose primary purpose is to dispel the stereotype that Jews are smart. The group was founded under the leadership of 9-11 conspiracy Diana Ralph while she was on a ‘medical leave’ from Carleton University, and its membership is made up mainly of old, unhappy, childless socialists who present themselves as Jews who want their opposition to Israel to be known.

But it turns out that Independent Jewish Voices may not be Jewish at all, at least if one of their representatives is telling the truth.

Abbas ‘Victory Speech’: Jerusalem ‘Eternal Capital of Palestine’


PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday promised someday the PA flag would fly over “Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.”

Away with the manger: school replaces nativity with jewellery heist


A primary school has outraged parents by doing “away with the manger” in its annual nativity play and making children act out a “politically correct” jewellery heist.

North Korea Finds Secret Unicorn Lair


It should be noted that North Korea’s propaganda machine is famous for churning out unusual stories, including the details of Kim Jon Il’s “divine birth” and the “peculiar natural wonders” that occurred as the Earth mourned the death of the Dear Leader, the Global Post reports.

While still alive, Kim also reportedly invented the hamburger, wrote 1,500 books in college and shot 11 holes-in-one the first time he played golf, according to Time magazine.