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Brampton resident facing charges in $2 million lottery scam

On Tuesday, August 23, York Regional Police arrested 59 year old Clive Lothian from Brampton, who was then transferred into the custody of the Quinte West OPP.


U.S. seeks to freeze assets of British Columbians accused in $1.3-billion stock fraud

In B.C. Supreme Court this month, the SEC applied to have frozen two luxury homes valued at more than $10 million and six vehicles in B.C. The SEC also wants the defendants to disclose all assets.

The seven British Columbians are charged with violating anti-fraud, registration and reporting provisions of the U.S. Securities Act in a civil case being heard in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts.

The SEC outlines that its U.S. suit seeks the payback of “ill-gotten gains” and monetary penalties.

One of the defendants, Frederick L. Sharp, 69, who the SEC says was the “mastermind” of the scheme, had a default judgment issued against him in the U.S. earlier this year when he did not respond to the allegations. The other British Columbians are fighting the charges in the U.S. but have not yet responded to the freeze application in B.C.

In its B.C. Supreme Court claim, the SEC argues there is a strong case the defendants perpetrated, participated in and/or benefited from the fraud. “The defendants each have assets within British Columbia and there is a real risk that any or all of them will dissipate those assets,” says the SEC’s clai

On the list of assets sought to be frozen is a five-bedroom, six-bathroom Okanagan Lake waterfront home owned by Paul Sexton, 53, valued at $7.24 million, according to B.C. Assessment Authority records.

A four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Vancouver near Kitsilano beach owned by Jackson T. Friesen, 33, is valued at $2.86 million, according to provincial property records.

The vehicles are owned by Sharp, of West Vancouver; Mike K. Veldhuis, 41, of Vancouver; Courtney Kelln, 41, of Surrey; Sexton of Anmore; and Graham R. Taylor, 51, of Vancouver. Zhiying Yvonne Gasarch, 49, also known as Zhiying Chen, a Richmond resident, is listed in the suit as a debtor in a B.C. personal property directory, with shares in a company as collateral.


One Teacher, Three Principals Failed ‘Their Responsibility as Mandated Reporters’ to Call for Investigation into Sex Abuse Complaints About Male Teacher: Documents

A series of newly released police affidavits has revealed additional details about a collection of three school principals and one teacher, who each face criminal charges for allegedly failing to report to the proper authorities student and parent complaints about another elementary school teacher. The documents suggest that the alleged abuse was common knowledge among many in the Plymouth, Connecticut public school district, but it wasn’t until a middle school principal learned of the myriad complaints that state investigators were called in.

Feds Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill 42 Million near Border in Arizona

Fentanyl dealers are mass murderers

Venezuelan migration picks up, reaches about 6.8M

Escaping the shit hole

Today in home-school your kids

California district curriculum claims there’s 10 sexual orientations, including skoliosexual and gynesexual

Video: Trudeau claims the rise in anger toward politicians stems from “increasing anxiety because of climate change”

St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle groundlessly suggests preeminent legal scholar is racist, later apologizes and deletes post

Piece of shit Lib of the day

Ummm, why is it the job of “all 338 MPs” to express moral solidarity with the Liberals as Liberals clean up the Marouf mess made by Liberals?

Trudeau Liberals to spend $100 million on 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan so Canadians can be their ‘authentic selves’


Video: Biden Warns ‘Brave Right-Wing’ Americans—’If You Want to Fight Against the Country, You Need an F-15′

Gibson’s Bakery Wins! Ohio Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Oberlin College Appeal

36 million

Tweet of the day

‘He’s Generating War In The Middle East’: Ben Shapiro Warns Biden Making Iraq An Iranian Proxy

“What we are watching right now is a slow-motion collapse in Iraq that is going to eventually make it into a full-scale Iranian proxy,” Shapiro warned. “It’s already sort of a quasi-Iranian proxy; it would be a full-scale Iranian proxy.”

“Meanwhile, Joe Biden is going to continue subsidizing the Iranian government to build up its arsenal in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Yemen,” he warned. “It’s unbelievable what he’s doing in the Middle East. I mean, he’s generating war in the Middle East single-handedly right now through his Iranian deal.”

Video: This is what assaulting a politician looks like

Mustn’t be mean to this c*nt

More seniors turning to Quebec food banks as grocery costs soar

Judge us by how we treat our most vulnerable.

Dr. Scott Mosser has performed “over two thousand top surgeries” on girls and women, and says that there is no age limit for beginning the “gender journey.”

Video: This is what a Jewish lynching attempt looks like


Censoring conservatives takes up all their time

Video: Portland street mob shoots at elderly driver, accidentally kills one of their own

Play stupid games…

Lib Jews are shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you

Biden’s student debt write-off in numbers: 41M wave goodbye to college debt, but 240M without degrees and other taxpayers each foot $2,500 towards $600B plan that could worsen inflation, erase deficit reductions and prompt legal fights

President Joe Biden’s plan to forgive at least $10,000 in student loans has divided Americans and even members of his own Democratic party, raising tough questions about the scheme’s cost, popularity and even over its legality.

The White House has not yet stated what the overall cost of the debt write-off will be, but estimates start in the region of $300 billion and some even exceed $1 trillion, making it one of the costliest executive actions in history.

This raises troubling questions about how the scheme works, how much it will really cost, who will pay for it, whether the American public wants it, and even whether Biden is exceeding his powers as president.

Armed moped thieves terrorize Manhattan: Grab-and-Go crooks rip $12K Rolex from man’s wrist while woman fights off two men trying to grab her necklace outside Guggenheim

New York City has been hit by spate of recent thefts by armed moped thieves who aggressively drive up onto city sidewalks and attack unsuspecting victims.

Conservatives Blast Associated Press For Highlighting ‘Diverse’ Federal Reserve Leadership While Economy Flounders

The outlet published an article — “Fed tackles inflation with its most diverse leadership ever” — following the central bank’s annual summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at which Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell doubled down on policymakers’ commitment to battle runaway inflation. Among other changes, three women and three African-Americans have recently joined the 19-member committee responsible for determining interest rate policies.

“There are more female, Black and openly gay officials contributing to the central bank’s interest-rate decisions than at any time in its 109-year history,” the AP reported. “Many are also far less wealthy than the officials they have replaced. Over time, economists say, a wider range of voices will deepen the Fed’s perspective as it weighs the consequences of raising or lowering rates. It may also help diversify a profession that historically hasn’t been seen as particularly welcoming to women and minorities.”

Meanwhile, the United States met the rule-of-thumb definition of a recession — two consecutive quarters of negative growth — last month as the economy shrank at a 1.5% annualized rate in the first quarter and contracted at a 0.6% pace in the second quarter.

“Well, they’re doing a bang-up job,” Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro remarked, noting that “stupid people” would make the argument, “Sure, inflation is at a 40-year-high, but doesn’t it make you feel better that those in charge are sexually and ethnically diverse?”

Economist: Colleges—Not Taxpayers—Should Pay for Biden’s Student Loan Wipeout

“If a U.S. college degree appears to be useless, it is by design,” he said, arguing that liberal arts degrees amount to “training for upper class free men (liber) who were above having a profession.”

AOC Suggests People Who Oppose Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Are Selfish


‘Overcoming 60 years of apartheid is not the same as marrying a white prince’: Nelson Mandela’s grandson slams Meghan Markle for suggesting South Africans celebrated her wedding the same way they rejoiced his freedom

There is something seriously wrong with this woman

The mother of all Covid conspiracy theories is true

For more than a year after the onset of the pandemic, talking about the possibility that the virus might have been lab-engineered was taboo. Then, as the evidence continued to mount, it suddenly became acceptable to talk about it in “respectable” circles. Today, however, we appear to have gone full-circle: a determined effort is once again underway to dismiss the lab-leak theory for good — even though no new evidence has emerged to disprove it.

Considering the endless ways in which the pandemic and our response to it have changed the lives of every human being on the planet, it’s astonishing to consider how little is actually known about the origins of the virus. Two and half years on, we are still very much in the dark as to when, how and even where SARS-CoV-2 first made its appearance.

This isn’t because our efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery have proved fruitless, but rather because those efforts have been systematically thwarted by the world’s two most powerful governments: America and China. This is the mother of all Covid conspiracy theories — but it’s also true.

Iran sends first shipment of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine

Transport planes departed Iran on Aug. 19 hauling at least two types of unmanned aerial vehicles, both capable of carrying munitions for attacks on radars, artillery and other military targets


Top FBI agent resigns amid claims he shielded Hunter Biden from probe: report

A top FBI agent at the Washington field office reportedly resigned from his post last week after facing intense scrutiny over allegations he helped shield Hunter Biden from criminal investigations into his laptop and business dealings.

Timothy Thibault, an FBI assistant special agent in charge, was allegedly forced out after he was accused of political bias in his handling of probes involving President Biden’s son, sources told the Washington Times on Monday.

The agent was escorted out of the field office by at least two “headquarters-looking types” last Friday, the sources said.

Thibault and the FBI didn’t immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on Monday.

Thibault, a 25-year-veteran, had already been on leave for a month after the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), started raising concerns about whistleblower claims the FBI had obstructed its own investigations into the first son.

Timothy Thibault

Political leftists who are delusional about their ability and usefulness

Budding Islamonazis

Media Are Ignoring Palestinian Authority’s Glorification of 1929 Hebron Massacre

On August 24, 1929, 67 Jews in Hebron, then part of British Mandatory Palestine, were killed by Arabs incited to violence by baseless rumors that Jews were plotting to seize control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

While the massacre started in Hebron, rampaging Arabs also murdered Jews in Jerusalem and Safed. Over the course of one week, Arabs killed 130 Jews.

The Hebron Massacre sent shock waves through Jewish communities in Palestine and around the world. It led to a more coordinated Jewish defense, manifested in the professionalization of the Haganah —  the official militia of the Jewish community in Palestine — that later became the nucleus of the Israel Defense Forces.

But even though the Hebron Massacre generated widespread news coverage around the world in 1929, the annual celebration by the Palestinian Authority (PA) of the pogrom until the present day is simply ignored by the international press.

This blackout could be the result of inconvenient chronology. Since the Hebron Massacre occurred before the creation of a Jewish state or army, the murders fly in the face of the media’s standard origin story that frames Israel’s establishment in 1948 and expansion as the result of a preemptive war of survival in 1967 as the sources of the conflict with the Palestinians.

Will BBC Take Action Against Journalists Who Posted Antisemitic, Anti-Israel Tweets?

Filthy Islamonazis on staff

LA Times columnist blames Trump for crime in California

Clearly, the wave of killings and other crimes in the state of California is the fault of the Bad Orange Man. Yes, folks, the person who has not been in office for more than nineteen months and has never lived in the Golden State must be at fault. Let’s take a peek at the “reasoning” behind this conclusion.

Anita Chabria – moronic “journalist” of the day

Why Biden’s Been Ignoring Israel’s Calls

America’s greatest ally in the Middle East can’t even get Joe Biden on the phone as the White House works — through Russia, lest we forget — to negotiate a massive payday for the Iranian regime and more normal relations between the tyrannical regime and the rest of the world.

Ontario passes motion to skip public hearings on LTC legislation

Forcing the sick, old and the vulnerable to pay the price for incompetent, irresponsible politicians

No, we shouldn’t respect people that hate us

To all the Libs upset over some dude yelling at a Nazi’s granddaughter and who are suddenly into “civility”, fuck off.

Global News claims podcasters are “dangerous sources of misinformation” and are apparently a threat to democracy

WATCH: Lizzo claims she’s ‘oppressed’ while accepting music award

Stupid, talentless pig arrived in a private jet

Remember when the CBC was lighthearted about politicians being attacked?

Way way back in 2019

yeah this is going well

Today in glorifying obesity: Every inch on your waistline INCREASES the risk of heart failure by over 10%

The fat acceptance movement, also known as fat pride, fat empowerment, and fat activism is an ass

Patrick Brown now has a $200,000 hockey rink in his own backyard — but who paid for it?

Being mayor, Brown has friends in high places — including Brampton Fire Chief Bill Boyes. Chief Boyes was spotted on numerous occasions using a city firetruck to flood the ice! As well, Boyes and his coworkers allegedly played hockey at ‘Patrick Brown Gardens’ — during work hours.

This Sick Lib Hired a Child Sex Offender To Work With Sex Assault Victims

Randi K. Bregman

Canadian diplomat tries to hide meeting with Rajoub after uproar

Filthy Robin Wettlaufer

Police remove lesbians from GAY PRIDE parade

Cuz vicious, mentally ill gay men pretending to be women call the shots