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The national divorce

Tweet of the day

Today we’re using the hashtag #TransDayOfVisibility to inform the public about how the trans agenda promotes child mutilation

Video: Pierre Poilievre was asked if he would backtrack and apologize, and also define the word “woke”

Poll: Just over a third of Chinese Canadians believe the government of China has tried to interfere in elections here and pressure Canadians in pursuit of its political aims

Six per cent of Chinese Canadians polled even said they had personally been pressured by an apparent Beijing representative

We clearly don’t deserve our freedom any more

French woman faces trial, €12,000 fine for ‘insulting’ Macron on Facebook

A woman in northern France is to be put on trial on charges of insulting President Emmanuel Macron after describing him as ‘filth’ in a Facebook post, a prosecutor said on Wednesday. The woman risks a fine of 12,000 euros but not prison if convicted at the trial due to be held in June.

She was arrested on Friday and held in custody for questioning after the state’s local administrative office filed a complaint over her Facebook post, the prosecutor in the northern town of Saint Omer, Mehdi Benbouzid, told AFP.

The complaint focused on a post on her Facebook page made on March 21, the day before Macron gave a lunchtime interview to TF1 television to defend his controversial pension reforms that have sparked nationwide protests.

“This piece of filth is going to address you at 1:00 pm… it’s always on television that we see this filth,” she wrote.

Most people will pay more carbon tax costs than they get back in rebates, on average about $1,500 more

Trudeau’s censorship law puts bureaucrats in control of what you see and say online

“Drag Camp” for kids as young as 7

2 + 2 = White Supremacy: How Woke Ideologues Corrupted Canada’s Math Curriculum

Two plus two no longer equals four, according to members of the Ontario Mathematics Coordinators Association (OMCA), who consider the equation to be a white-supremacist dog whistle instead of a basic mathematical truth.

According to a webinar created by OMCA president Jason To, proponents of math’s political neutrality who use the phrasing “2 + 2 = 4” are engaged in an act of “Covert White Supremacy.”

To’s presentation, released in September of last year, features a pyramid of “White Supremacy in Math Education.” The apex of the pyramid features examples of “overt white supremacy” — classroom offenses any reasonable person would consider racist — while the base includes more nebulous examples of what To calls “covert white supremacy.” The covert forms of white supremacy allegedly plaguing mathematical education include “Eurocentric math curriculum,” “Standardized testing,” and exhortations such as “Just stick to math,” “I don’t see colour in my math class,” and “Of course math is neutral because 2+2=4.”

Maybe a trans person could answer why so many trans identified men get off on pretending to be little girls?

Ontario school board trustee: “white women make obedient soldiers for the christofascist patriarchy”

Four Transsexual Mass Shooters in Less than Five Years

Suppose the roughly 325 million American heterosexuals committed mass shootings at that rate. In that case, you’d be talking about somewhere around 900 mass shootings over four years, and I’m talking real mass shootings—schools and places of employment—not the BS “mass shootings” fabricated by fake media outlets like CNNLOL.

Gee, maybe de-listing gender dysphoria as a mental illness wasn’t such a good idea…?

Left-Wing Violence Chic

For the radical Left, ideology exempts its political violence.

Red States Are Going To Have To Return Lawfare Nukes On Democrats

And I don’t want to hear, “This is icky, we are better than that.” Whoever says that, does not know what time it is. We are in a cold war/civil war era in this country in which we have to commit to and decide on the policy of mutually assured destruction.

Democrats are launching nukes at us. We better decide to launch nukes back at them until they stop.

California police union executive director ran fentanyl operation from home: feds

A California police union executive director allegedly ran a drug ring from her home and used her office computer and UPS account to order and distribute opioids and other drugs, federal officials charge.

Joanne Marian Segovia, who has worked for the San Jose Police Officers Association since 2003, was charged on Wednesday with attempting to unlawfully import a synthetic opioid called Valeryl fentanyl.

Smirking TikToker explains why he felt nothing while filming Vancouver stabbing

A Canadian TikToker watched it all unfold – and filmed the entire disgusting incident with a smirk on his face the whole time.

Alex Bodger, who goes by Gora Pakora on TikTok, recorded the stabbing and took a selfie next to the victim’s body and filmed himself smiling in disbelief.

CBS News Bans Reporters From Using the Word ‘Transgender’ To Describe Transgender Nashville Shooter

“The shooter’s gender identity has not been confirmed by CBS News,” the network’s executives insisted in a Tuesday memo obtained by The Post. “As such, we should avoid any mention of it as it has no known relevance to the crime. Should that change, we can and will revisit.”

Seven sorority sisters sue University of Wyoming for admitting trans woman, who they allege has ‘voyeuristically peeped at them while visibly aroused’

Why Hasn’t the GOP Yet Walked the Walk on Its Mayorkas Impeachment Talk?

“I just came from the Hill and a bunch of meetings with staffers and they’re reporting the same thing; one said the conference is split, with a lot of GOP ‘George W. Bush types’ who love the cheap labor for American industry and agriculture,” said Todd Bensman of the conservative Center for Immigration Studies and author of “Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History.”

Corrupt, Pro-Censorship Biden Holds ‘Democracy’ Summit

Sounding like a Quaalude Savior, President Biden droned to foreign leaders Wednesday about how he’ll rescue world democracy.

‘Why Were You Looking’ At Lia Thomas’ Penis? College Student Asks Riley Gaines

A college student asked female athlete Riley Gaines during a speech Monday night why she was looking at transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ genitalia.

Gaines was speaking at an event at the University of Pittsburgh on efforts to “Save Women’s Sports.” Gaines opposes the participation of biological males who identify as female in women’s and girl’s sports, causing mass protests at the university over her appearance.

Gaines has alleged that Thomas’ “male genitalia” was exposed in the women’s locker room, a matter which she discussed during her speech.

“Why were you looking?” Farah Mili, a sophomore psychology major, said to Gaines, interrupting her during the speech

Video: OJ Simpson Awkwardly Brings Up Murdered Wife (Twice) While Talking About Gwyneth Paltrow Case

Seriously … I have to issue a cringe warning here. This is pretty bad.

VIDEO: Mexican Immigration Authorities Leave Migrants Trapped During Fire in Detention Center

In the aftermath of a fire that killed at least 38 migrants inside an immigration detention center in Ciudad Juarez, a leaked surveillance video revealed that agents apparently left the migrants inside behind locked doors.

Zombie Network CNN Lost 61% of Viewers in March

Feel-good story of the day

US attorney in DC declined to prosecute 67% of cases in 2022

Dear criminals, do yourselves a favour and move to DC

Some colleges eliminate grading, cite students’ poor mental health, lack of preparation

Stupid, narcissistic students and stupid, lazy profs

Horrifying Video: EVIL IS REAL

Video: Canadian taypayer funded child abuse

Remember Her

Video: Trans lunatic showing off his gun

‘Five million is too little!’ California reparations task force is told black residents of Golden State should EACH be paid $7.6 million, as leader says proposed $800bn payout might not be enough

Wednesday’s hearing was the first since San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors began debating 111 preliminary recommendations issued by their own reparations panel – the most headline-grabbing of which included $5 million per black person; guaranteed income of at least $97,000; houses for $1 and personal debt forgiveness for qualifying individuals.

In Sacramento, the state committee was urged not to be influenced by San Francisco’s recommendations – which they felt were insufficient.

Male powerlifter protests Canada’s woke gender self-ID laws by saying he’s a woman, then entering female contest and smashing bench press record

This is the moment a male coach claims to be a woman and smashes the female bench press record at a powerlifting competition in Canada.

Bearded Avi Silverberg is shown calmly approaching the bench in men’s clothing as part of a protest against gender self-identification policies in sport.

Silverberg then unofficially breaks the female bench press record for the 84+ kilograms women’s category, which was a 270lbs press – officially set by a trans lifter.

The move, which took place Saturday at the Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta, was apparently designed to protest rules outlined by the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

Silverberg has yet to comment on his decision to enter the contest and subsequent victory.

The Canadian rules allow anybody who self-identifies as a woman to compete in the female category, sparking concerns trans women who’ve gone through male puberty may have a considerable physical advantage over biological female rivals.

The CPU released its ‘trans inclusion policy’ in February which was based on guidance from the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport.

Silverberg smashed the record set by transgender powerlifter Anne Andres, who has previously mocked women for being ‘so bad’ at bench pressing.

Ex-CDC Head Finally Says What We’ve All Known Forever About The Source Of COVID-19

So I was reading the transcript from former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield’s testimony from earlier this month before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic (yes, this is what I do in my spare time).

And I gotta’ say, I missed something kinda’ big. The headlines that came that day from the ex-CDC Chief focused on Dr. Anthony Fauci, who Redfield said “sidelined” anyone who dared question him on the origin of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

But the doctor also said something fascinating about the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, where scientists were reportedly doing gain-of-function work on coronaviruses — partly funded by U.S. taxpayers at the behest of Fauci.

“In September of 2019, three things happened in that lab,” Redfield said in the hearing. “One is they deleted the sequences. Was highly irregular. Researchers don’t usually like to do that. Second thing they did was they changed the command and control at the lab from the civilian control to the military control. Highly unusual — and I’ve been involved in dual-use labs when I was in the military.”

“And the third thing they did, which I think is really telling, is they let a contractor redo the ventilation system in that laboratory. So I think, clearly, there was strong evidence that there was a significant event that happened in that laboratory in September,” the doctor said.

Families ask why B.C. surgeon still allowed to see patients after string of negligence claims

When doctors police themselves…

Georgetown Law grad says he had to undergo psych eval for questioning COVID policies

A Georgetown University law school graduate claims he was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for questioning the school’s COVID policies.

William Spruance, currently a practicing attorney, said he was suspended, forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and threatened by administrators in August 2021 for questioning the law school’s COVID and masking policy.

“So after I was encouraged to give a speech to a student council-type group at Georgetown, I received an email that I was indefinitely suspended from the school, that I’d have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and waive my right to medical confidentiality,” he alleged Monday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“During the psychiatric evaluation – It would start with kind of innocuous questions like, ‘Do you ever get angry?’ Followed by ‘Do you get angry about masks? And then do masks make you want to hurt anybody?’ So it was an ongoing cycle of questions that were designed to make me seem unhinged for being willing to question their COVID policies.”

Video: You won’t believe this

Censorship from the world body mandated to protect free speech

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century


In 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy claimed that he had proof of a communist spy ring operating inside the government. Overnight, the explosive accusations blew up in the national press, but the details kept changing. Initially, McCarthy said he had a list with the names of 205 communists in the State Department; the next day he revised it to 57. Since he kept the list a secret, the inconsistencies were beside the point. The point was the power of the accusation, which made McCarthy’s name synonymous with the politics of the era.

For more than half a century, McCarthyism stood as a defining chapter in the worldview of American liberals: a warning about the dangerous allure of blacklists, witch hunts, and demagogues.

Until 2017, that is, when another list of alleged Russian agents roiled the American press and political class. A new outfit called Hamilton 68 claimed to have discovered hundreds of Russian-affiliated accounts that had infiltrated Twitter to sow chaos and help Donald Trump win the election. Russia stood accused of hacking social media platforms, the new centers of power, and using them to covertly direct events inside the United States.

None of it was true. After reviewing Hamilton 68’s secret list, Twitter’s safety officer, Yoel Roth, privately admitted that his company was allowing “real people” to be “unilaterally labeled Russian stooges without evidence or recourse.”

The Hamilton 68 episode played out as a nearly shot-for-shot remake of the McCarthy affair, with one important difference: McCarthy faced some resistance from leading journalists as well as from the U.S. intelligence agencies and his fellow members of Congress. In our time, those same groups lined up to support the new secret lists and attack anyone who questioned them.

When proof emerged earlier this year that Hamilton 68 was a high-level hoax perpetrated against the American people, it was met with a great wall of silence in the national press. The disinterest was so profound, it suggested a matter of principle rather than convenience for the standard-bearers of American liberalism who had lost faith in the promise of freedom and embraced a new ideal.

Sign here to defund Trudeau’s billion-dollar propaganda arm

Ontario private schools looking to recruit new students should just run this footage 24/7

‘It’s a dangerous race that no one can predict or control’: Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and 1,000 other tech leaders call for pause on AI development which poses a ‘profound risk to society and humanity’

They say AI labs are currently ‘locked in an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control.’

‘Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable,’ the letter said.

No one from Google or Microsoft – who are considered to be at the forefront of developing the technology – has signed on.

Taiwan told to ‘pack up and leave’ Honduras after ties severed

Taiwan must vacate its embassy in Honduras within 30 days, a senior Honduran official said on Monday, after President Xiomara Castro severed ties with Taiwan in favor of China in a bid for more investment and jobs from the Asian giant.

Sam Bankman-Fried paid over $40 million to bribe at least one official in China, DOJ alleges in new indictment

FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried paid out tens of millions of dollars worth of bribes to at least one Chinese government official, federal prosecutors alleged in a new indictment Tuesday.

The indictment said accounts belonging to Bankman-Fried’s hedge fund, Alameda Research, were the target of a freezing order from Chinese police “in or around” November 2021.

The indictment alleges that Bankman-Fried and others “directed and caused the transfer” of at least $40 million in cryptocurrency “intended for the benefit of one or more Chinese government officials in order to influence and induce them” to unfreeze some of these accounts.

TikTok Removing Anti-Fentanyl Ads

Today in China is pure evil

Montreal Jew-haters

Belgium arrests eight in ‘terror attack’ probe following house raids

Police have detained eight people during investigations into an alleged plot to commit “terrorist attacks” in Belgium, the federal prosecutor’s office said Tuesday.

Father stabbed to death outside Vancouver Starbucks after asking man to not vape near his toddler

A 37-year-old dad was stabbed to death in front of his 3-year-old daughter and fiancée outside a Starbucks in Canada after he asked the attacker not to vape in front of his child, his family said.

Paul Stanley Schmidt and his daughter Erica were outside the Vancouver coffee shop about 5:30 p.m. Sunday while his fiancée, Ashley Umali, was getting drinks, his mother, Kathy Schmidt, told the Vancouver Sun.

Horrifying video posted on social media captured the moment a man suddenly stabbed Schmidt, who was seen clutching his stomach as he staggered and fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

Schmidt said she was told that the suspect — identified as 32-year-old Inderdeep Singh Gosa — carried out the depraved attack after her son asked him not to vape in front of Erica.

The victims