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Aw, John Ivison of the National Post upset conservative voters hate mainstream journalists

Uh, examples like this might have something to do with their hostility.

Video: And now, Holocaust cartoons

“A third cartoon depicts Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as he ponders which mustache to wear, finally deciding on one that looks like a Star of David.

So, Jack doesn’t like to take personal responsibility for Jacking-off

It’s a community thing!

Eh, it won’t make a difference in the election. Anyone stupid or scummy enough to consider voting for these silly yahoos won’t care, and quite frankly, neither do I. What I do care about is double standards. Lets play pretend for a minute and imagine how lefties and the media would react if it was a conservative caught getting the one-eyed snake tugged at some flea-bag Chinatown “massage parlour”…..Would guys like Andrew Coyne, national editor of Macleans sat on the news? Yeah, no.

UPDATE: Fur provides a comprehensive round-up of everything we know (so far) about Jack and his outlaw penis.

Pic courtesy of Eye on a Crazy Planet.

“Palestinian” terrorists about to get all the weapons they want

The  gates are open.

“Arab spring” my ass.  “Brainwashed blood-thirsty racist war mongering Islamist haters taking over spring” is more like it.

Here comes war.

Mysterious Christian group in Canada offer 1,000,000 to Saudi students to convert

“Speaking further about the position of the missionaries, the student mentioned that she once visited one of the markets, accompanied by her girlfriend, where she met a group of young Canadians who were questioning her about Islam, saying that they are representatives of the company on awarding the “million dollars” for those of Muslims who agree to accept Christianity.”

Video: German Children’s Network Airs Instructional Video On Hiding Erections

If you’re a young man at that phase of life, your anatomy can cause sudden, um, problems to spring up with hardly a moment’s notice. In Germany, the children’s network KI.KA (from Der Kinderkanal, or The Children’s Channel) is here to help–assuming you speak German.

But even if you don’t, the video has viral potential for its in-flight safety card graphics describing the awkward moments when a guy can actually knock over a store display of toilet paper rolls and then explaining how to fix the problem.

“For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands”

“What really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

Lara Logan describes how 200 – 300 “celebrating” Egyptian men brutally raped her.