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Global warming scam, Zionist scaremongering to control world: Analyst


“This report is part of Zionist fear-mongering to control the world. Just like 9/11 they brought down tower number 7; their false allegations against Iran and their allies; and this is a batch of lies”.

Dodging Shells with the Friendly Syrian Rebels Who Love Football and Adolf Hitler

Strangely, each visitor harbours a deep-seated, urgent need to share his eerie fascination with Adolf Hitler the moment he finds out I’m German. “Adolf Hitler, strong man. Adolf Hitler, very good man. Ah, Germany! Adolf Hitler. Do you like Adolf Hitler?”

I try to dissuade them. No, no. Hitler was a bad man. Very bad. Unfortunately I speak no Arabic, and the debate soon falters. Comparing Hitler with Bashar al-Assad seems to provoke the desired effect, but it never lasts long. “Hitler not good?” they ask, disappointment all over their faces.

Hamas Calls to Unleash Third Intifada

While the Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, told the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday evening that his goal is to achieve permanent peace with Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have called for the launch of the third intifada against Israel.

Abu Obaida, a spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing Izaddin Kassam brigades, has urged PA Arabs to wage a third intifada against Israel in response to Israeli efforts to “judaize Jerusalem,” especially the Temple Mount. He told reporters in the Gaza Strip that Hamas has not abandoned the option of suicide bombings.

Benghazi missiles turn up in Gaza


IHS Jane’s reported on their website Sept 24 that the Hamas al-Qassam Brigades displayed SA-7 Strela shoulder launched surface to air missiles (SAM) during a military in Gaza City on Sept 14. This is the first confirmation by a defense oriented news media outlet of the presence of such weapons in Gaza.

In the nearly one year since the attack on the CIA Annex and US Consulate in Benghazi Libya, it has emerged during testimony before Congress that up to 400 SA-7 SAM’s went missing subsequent to the attack on the Annex.

The fact that these weapons are turning up just after Iran has announced it is once again supporting Hamas logistically is likely not a coincidence.

Somalis still leaving Minneapolis to join terror group in Kenya mall attack

Leaders of the nation’s largest Somali community say some of their young men are still being enticed to join the terror group that has claimed responsibility for the deadly mall attack in Kenya, despite a concentrated effort to shut off what authorities call a “deadly pipeline” of men and money.

Female Terrorists Are Nothing New


While the Westgate terrorist siege in Kenya propelled terrorist group Al Shabaab and, to a lesser extent, the Muslim Youth Centre (MYC) back onto the global scene, the alleged involvement of Samantha Lewthwaite, the “White Widow”, has seemingly shocked both media and audiences internationally.

A convert to Islam at the age 15, Lewthwaite married Germaine Lindsay in 2002. Born in Jamaica and also a convert to Islam, Lindsay is known for his role as one of four 7/7 London bombers. Currently suspected as a ringleader in the Westgate plot, Lewthwaite has suspected links to Al Shabaab and is wanted in Kenya over terrorism-linked charges.

While the shock of the involvement of a female terrorist has made headlines around the world, females engaging in acts of politically motivated violence is not a new, or rare, phenomenon. In fact, there is an array of examples internationally of acts carried out by females – notably including the assassination of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi by Tamil Tiger suicide bomber Thenmozhi “Gayatri” Rajaratnam in 1991.

Females are often utilised by terrorist organisations for specific functions. However, why females become terrorists is often overlooked and can differ from their male counterparts.


CEO wants companies to be able to ‘hack back’ against hackers

The CEO of a U.S. cybersecurity firm petitioned lawmakers earlier this week to allow U.S. companies to hack back against hackers.

Chris Rouland, CEO of the U.S. cybersecurity firm Endgame Systems, called on U.S. lawmakers during a panel at the Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affair on Wednesday to allow U.S. companies to retaliate in cyberspace against their attackers.


Book Review: ‘Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here’

Karina Bennoune

Amnesty Internationalfaced a pivotal choice in early 2010. For half a decade, the global human-rights organization had been promoting Moazzam Begg, a British-Pakistani radical Islamist, and the advocacy group he founded after his release from Guantánamo Bay. In 2006, Begg delivered the Amnesty International Annual Lecture in Belfast, and the next year the organization hailed his group, Cageprisoners, as one of six “leading human rights organizations” protesting CIA detention practices.

But Mr. Begg was also conducting fawning interviews with al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki, publicly supporting the Taliban and visiting jihadist training camps. It was impossible to deny Cageprisoners’ pro-jihadist bent, and Gita Sahgal, the head of Amnesty’s gender unit, made public her opposition to calling “Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban” a defender of human rights.

Amnesty quickly sided with Mr. Begg and suspended Ms. Sahgal before ousting her. Is “jihad in self-defense . . . antithetical to human rights?” asked Amnesty’s acting secretary general in a letter to activists. “Our answer is no.”

The Sahgal affair, and others like it, impelled Karima Bennoune to write “Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here.” The author, an Algerian-born law professor and former Amnesty staffer, says that she was alarmed by how “the Western (and global) Left often refuses to recognize the reality” of Islamist violence “and the actual danger posed by its ideology.” She was enraged by the blindness of the human-rights establishment because “I am in their camp.”

Russian Muslim clerics warn of unrest over ban of translation of Koran

Russia’s senior Islamic clerics warned the country’s leaders on Friday unrest could erupt in Muslim communities in Russia and beyond if a court decision ordering the destruction of a interpretive translation of Koran is not overturned.

Tuesday’s ruling by a court in Novorossiysk, a city in southern Russia, ordered the widely read text outlawed under a Russian anti-extremism law that rights activists say has been abused by local officials out of prejudice or to persecute groups frowned upon by the dominant Russian Orthodox Church.

Rights campaigners said that the decision, which will apply nationwide unless it is overturned on appeal, comes dangerously close to banning the Koran itself.

Russia’s Council of Muftis sounded the alarm in an open letter on Friday to President Vladimir Putin, who has frequently called for unity among the leading faiths and warned that ethnic tension could tear Russia apart.

“Russian Muslims are very strongly indignant over such an outrageous decision,” Rushan Abbyasov, the deputy head of the council, which has close ties with the Kremlin, told Reuters.

If the ruling is acted on, the cleric warned: “There will be unrest … not only in Russia but all over the world, we are talking about the destruction of the Koran.”

“Under these circumstances I do not think that even old men can maintain their moral health”


WHEREAS liberal Iranians sense that their new government, under President Hassan Rohani, may widen social freedoms, hardliners from the old school have been calling for standards in women’s attire to be upheld. In particular, they are fretting about leggings.

Mubarak: ‘I started the Yom Kippur War’

Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak says he personally started the Yom Kippur War in October, 1973, by attacking an Israeli communications base in his fighter jet six minutes before the rest of the Arab armies’ surprise attack on the Jewish state began.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch debates at U of T this week

The University of Toronto Socratic Club welcomes you our inaugural debate this Wednesday September 18th.

Public figure, Robert Spencer, will be debating University of Toronto educated Muslim scholar and apologist, Dr. Shabir Ally, on the following question: Is the Qur’an a Manual for Peace or for War?

As in the old Socratic tradition, we will give an equal opportunity for our speakers to lay out their position and defend it. Later we will open the floor up for guests to vocalize their questions to Mr. Spencer and Dr. Ally in a timely manner, in order to ensure that as many questions as possible are answered.

We look forward to tackling life’s big questions with you this coming September 18th and beyond.
We are excited to have Mr. Spencer and Dr. Ally as our guest debaters this coming Wednesday and look forward to a fair and intellectually stimulating discussion between the two. Below is a brief biography of our guests:

Robert Spencer, MA (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is the author of twelve books, including two New York Times bestsellers, The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (both Regnery). His latest books are An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure Origins (ISI) and Not Peace But A Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam. Spencer has led seminars on Islam for the the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community. He has also appeared on the BBC, ABC News, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and other networks.

Dr. Shabir Ally holds an M.A. and PhD in Islamic studies from the University of Toronto. He completed his B.A. in Religious Studies from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, with a specialization in Biblical Literature.

For over 30 years, he has been an active member of the Muslim community in Toronto, as well as an active participant in interfaith dialogues and initiatives. He is an internationally sought after speaker, scholar and theologian, and is the author of numerous books on Islam and the Abrahamic faiths.

He has recently taught courses on Arabic, the Quran, and Islam at the University of Toronto in the Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations department. He is President of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto.


9/11: America’s Unfinished Business

Before we head to Syria to avenge the mass murder of their kids, how about we finish avenging ours?

When I say “finish,” of course I really mean “start.” A dozen years after the 9/11 attacks, the trials against the jihadist plotters who incinerated pregnant women, firefighters, grandparents, newlyweds, toddlers and schoolkids on their first-ever plane rides have yet to begin.

Video: Footage of Iranians fighting in Syria

Video footage has emerged that appears to show Iranian nationals dressed in military clothing operating inside Syria and apparently working with government forces.

Help Kickstart World War III!




Gilad Shalit to speak in Toronto September 16


Fatah army urges Palestinians to terrorize Israel on Yom Kippur

A leaflet distributed on Tuesday by Fatah’s armed group, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Troops, called for launching terror attacks against Israel as of this coming Friday.

The group called on all its “units and sleeping cells” to start launching attacks against “the Zionist enemy.”

Iran’s assets in Canada include more than $2.6-million held in 13 different bank accounts, Ottawa reveals

The federal government has identified millions of dollars worth of Iranian state assets in Canada, ranging from bank accounts to a parking spot, that may now be claimed by victims of terrorist groups sponsored by the Islamic republic.

The list of Iran’s 22 Canadian assets was to be released by the Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday to help victims who want to collect damages from Iran due to the regime’s support for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

A copy of the list obtained in advance by the National Post includes the Iranian Cultural Centre in Ottawa, a parking spot in the capital, 13 bank accounts containing more than $2.6-million, a VISA account and $325,000 currently frozen under United Nations sanctions.

In addition to those “non-diplomatic assets,” the list also includes Iran’s five diplomatic properties: the Iranian chancery, ambassador’s official residence and staff headquarters in Ottawa, as well as two embassy bank accounts.

The federal government says Iran’s non-diplomatic assets can be awarded to terror victims, while diplomatic assets are protected under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and therefore cannot be awarded. But the matter is still before the Ontario courts.

The release of the highly unusual list was portrayed by officials as an attempt to help victims hold Iran to account for arming and bankrolling an array of terrorists. It comes more than a year after Parliament enacted the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act, which allows Canadian victims of terrorism to seek redress through the courts.

Uh oh, Joooooooos set to take over Buckingham Palace!


The truth is that the Royal Family’s new bride is a Jew. Although in the wedding ceremony it was pretended that Kate Middleton is Christian but this lady’s family roots show that she is considered a Sephardic Jew from her mother’s side. Moreover the timing of the wedding and the way it was held which was based on Jewish culture verify the evidences.

Kate’s mother was surnamed Goldsmith before marrying Kate’s father. According to Jewish laws if a mother is a Jew, her children will be Jews, too. Therefore Kate Middleton is a Sephardic Jew and her children will be Jews based on the Jewish law.

This gains more significance once we realize that she is stepping in to the Buckingham Palace as the wife of a man who will be not only the king of England but also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Sources close to this 30 year-old bride have said that Kate Middleton and her parents would not regularly attend the church service, therefore Church of England decided to baptize and Christianize the new member unofficially and secretly so that her marriage to Prince William could be confirmed.

Nevertheless even being baptized by the bishop of the church cannot prevent Prince William’s son, the next king and the senior governor of the Church of England, from being a Jew as Kate and William’s child will inevitably remain a Jew.

More royal Jooooiness here.

Terrorist deck of cards

Al Qaeda has evolved into a highly decentralized organization with multiple franchises and affiliates.

In the terrorist deck of cards, the ‘Clubs’ are the highest ranking members of Al Qaeda affiliates, such as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda in the Arabina Peninsula.

These men oversee general theatres of war, suply the groups with weapons and, in many cases, act as spiritual leaders for these islamic groups.


Ace: Ibrahim al-Asiri

Personally groomed by Bin laden, al-Asiri is considered the lead bomb maker for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. He has been tied to the bombs used by the 2009 Christmas Day Bomber, the 2010 Cargo plane Bomb Plot and the May 8th terror bomb plot that would have incorporated the use of Surgically Implanted Improvised Explosive devices.

These devices are the cutting edge of his technology and would be able to pass almost undetected through x-ray machines. He also created the explosives used by his brother in a suicide attack aiming to kill the Saudi minister of the interior. Reports say he may have been seriously wounded in a drone strike in August 2013 but nothing has been confirmed.

Lebanese charging Syrian refugees rent, forcing children to work for $2 a day

“To simply live in a makeshift tent on a 10-by-10-foot plot of dirt, some of the landowners in Bekaa Valley are charging $100 a month. It would almost be laughable except as so often happens — the children bear the brunt of this hardship. They work in the fields for $2 a day, beg under bridges and turn to prostitution.”

Zionist occupiers in early seventh century CE


In summer excavations at the foot of the Temple Mount, Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar made a stunning discovery: two bundles of treasure containing thirty-six gold coins, gold and silver jewelry, and a gold medallion with the menorah (Temple candelabrum) symbol etched into it. Also etched into the 10-cm medallion are a shofar (ram’s horn) and the image of a Torah scroll.

The medallion may be the oldest Torah ornament ever found in archaeological digs.

A third-generation archaeologist working at the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology, Dr. Mazar directs excavations on the City of David’s summit and at the Temple Mount’s southern wall. Calling the find “a breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime discovery,” Dr. Mazar said: “We have been making significant finds from the First Temple Period in this area, a much earlier time in Jerusalem’s history, so discovering a golden seven-branched Menorah from the seventh century CE at the foot of the Temple Mount was a complete surprise.”

The discovery was unearthed just five days into Mazar’s latest phase of the Ophel excavations, and can be dated to the late Byzantine period (early seventh century CE). The gold treasure was discovered in a ruined Byzantine public structure a mere 50 meters from the Temple Mount’s southern wall.

Report: Syria amassed nerve gas as western world watched

American documents released by the New York Times on Sunday reveal that over the years, Syria managed to accumulate one of the largest arsenals of chemical weapons in the world, with the help of its allies Russia and Iran, but also with the help of Western European companies and even American companies.


Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller in Toronto: September 17


Will Assad Unleash His Palestinian Terrorists Against U.S., Israel?

“We are worried that Syria’s Assad will use his Palestinian agents to get the Palestinians into big trouble with the U.S. and the European counties.” — Senior Palestinian Authority official.

The Art of Searching: How to Find Terrorism Literature in the Digital Age

This guide provides an overview on information retrieval techniques for locating high-quality literature on terrorism and counter-terrorism. Starting from general considerations on conducting a literature search – taking into account the specifics of terrorism studies – instructions are provided on how to find particular literature types by using different search methods and information retrieval systems, followed by information on how to refine a search by employing focused search strategies. The explanations are enriched with numerous links to recommendable resources. The included examples are focused on terrorism studies, but the general search mechanics can be applied to other research domains as well.

Active Hezbollah cells in Ontario and Detroit have become centers of Hezbollah fundraising

Book review:

Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s Party of God

Much of the book discusses Hezbollah’s North American connection, in which the author portrays “the party of God” as the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight” that nonetheless remains a potentially lethal presence. Active Hezbollah cells in Ontario and Detroit have become centers of Hezbollah fundraising.