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Global warming scam, Zionist scaremongering to control world: Analyst


“This report is part of Zionist fear-mongering to control the world. Just like 9/11 they brought down tower number 7; their false allegations against Iran and their allies; and this is a batch of lies”.

Dodging Shells with the Friendly Syrian Rebels Who Love Football and Adolf Hitler

Strangely, each visitor harbours a deep-seated, urgent need to share his eerie fascination with Adolf Hitler the moment he finds out I’m German. “Adolf Hitler, strong man. Adolf Hitler, very good man. Ah, Germany! Adolf Hitler. Do you like Adolf Hitler?”

I try to dissuade them. No, no. Hitler was a bad man. Very bad. Unfortunately I speak no Arabic, and the debate soon falters. Comparing Hitler with Bashar al-Assad seems to provoke the desired effect, but it never lasts long. “Hitler not good?” they ask, disappointment all over their faces.

Hamas Calls to Unleash Third Intifada

While the Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, told the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday evening that his goal is to achieve permanent peace with Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have called for the launch of the third intifada against Israel.

Abu Obaida, a spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing Izaddin Kassam brigades, has urged PA Arabs to wage a third intifada against Israel in response to Israeli efforts to “judaize Jerusalem,” especially the Temple Mount. He told reporters in the Gaza Strip that Hamas has not abandoned the option of suicide bombings.

Benghazi missiles turn up in Gaza


IHS Jane’s reported on their website Sept 24 that the Hamas al-Qassam Brigades displayed SA-7 Strela shoulder launched surface to air missiles (SAM) during a military in Gaza City on Sept 14. This is the first confirmation by a defense oriented news media outlet of the presence of such weapons in Gaza.

In the nearly one year since the attack on the CIA Annex and US Consulate in Benghazi Libya, it has emerged during testimony before Congress that up to 400 SA-7 SAM’s went missing subsequent to the attack on the Annex.

The fact that these weapons are turning up just after Iran has announced it is once again supporting Hamas logistically is likely not a coincidence.

Somalis still leaving Minneapolis to join terror group in Kenya mall attack

Leaders of the nation’s largest Somali community say some of their young men are still being enticed to join the terror group that has claimed responsibility for the deadly mall attack in Kenya, despite a concentrated effort to shut off what authorities call a “deadly pipeline” of men and money.

Female Terrorists Are Nothing New


While the Westgate terrorist siege in Kenya propelled terrorist group Al Shabaab and, to a lesser extent, the Muslim Youth Centre (MYC) back onto the global scene, the alleged involvement of Samantha Lewthwaite, the “White Widow”, has seemingly shocked both media and audiences internationally.

A convert to Islam at the age 15, Lewthwaite married Germaine Lindsay in 2002. Born in Jamaica and also a convert to Islam, Lindsay is known for his role as one of four 7/7 London bombers. Currently suspected as a ringleader in the Westgate plot, Lewthwaite has suspected links to Al Shabaab and is wanted in Kenya over terrorism-linked charges.

While the shock of the involvement of a female terrorist has made headlines around the world, females engaging in acts of politically motivated violence is not a new, or rare, phenomenon. In fact, there is an array of examples internationally of acts carried out by females – notably including the assassination of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi by Tamil Tiger suicide bomber Thenmozhi “Gayatri” Rajaratnam in 1991.

Females are often utilised by terrorist organisations for specific functions. However, why females become terrorists is often overlooked and can differ from their male counterparts.


CEO wants companies to be able to ‘hack back’ against hackers

The CEO of a U.S. cybersecurity firm petitioned lawmakers earlier this week to allow U.S. companies to hack back against hackers.

Chris Rouland, CEO of the U.S. cybersecurity firm Endgame Systems, called on U.S. lawmakers during a panel at the Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affair on Wednesday to allow U.S. companies to retaliate in cyberspace against their attackers.