Why won’t the National Post tell the whole story?

There is a follow up article about the CASMO story today in the National Post:

“Police have been asked to investigate a Canadian Muslim Internet site that features an “anti-Semitic” video address by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

In a letter sent to York Region Police on Tuesday, the Canadian Jewish Congress asked for an investigation into the Canadian Shia Muslims Organization website.

The three-page letter said the congress believed the website was willfully promoting hatred, a violation of Canada’s hate crimes law. A York police official confirmed receiving the letter and said it would get “appropriate and timely attention.”

Still no mention whatsoever about Jack Layton, Armand Labarge (York Regional police), Barbara Hall and the Liberal politicians involved with the CASMO Ayatollah and his flock of Islamists.

Let’s give everyone in the media the benefit of the doubt and help them with their follow up on the follow up. Investigative journalists can click here and here for more information and photos.

Memo to journalists:  Please find out what’s with the clock gifts.

10 responses to “Why won’t the National Post tell the whole story?

  1. Right back at ya sister.

  2. I wrote ’em a poem:

    Hickory dickory dock,
    CASMO gave Barbara Hall a nice clock.
    And it ain’t no fluke
    CASMO likes David Duke.
    Hickory dickory dock.

    Hickory dickory Jew,
    Jack Layton accepted one, too.
    The clock struck thirteen–
    An Orwellian scene.
    Hickory dickory Jew.

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